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Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed are continuing to tour the country with their PDA road show, and it looks like the next stop will be The Vampire Diaries set in Atlanta!

Somerhalder was snapped planting a sweet smooch on Reed's head at LAX airport as they headed for their flight along with Nikki's beloved pooch, Ira.

Somerhalder clearly takes co-parenting his girlfriend's fur babies seriously as the 35-year-old actor took the lead as he led the Alsatian dog on a close leash through the crowded airport.

The fact that Reed is heading back to [The Vampire Diaries](series:200853) set is bound to raise more than a few eyebrows though...

The internet rumor mill is circulating plenty of gossip about the couples, erm, amorous behavior on set and reportedly Nina Dobrev is so unhappy about it that she might leave the show for good.

Obviously, gossip like this needs to be taken with a liberal fistfull of salt, but I can't help but wonder how fraught the Mystic Falls set really is right now...


Do you believe the rumors about high tension on The Vampires Diaries set?

(Source: The Daily Mail)


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