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After an exhausting week of accusing her father of sexual abuse before blaming a microchip in her brain for the lies, talking to trees and attacking 'fans' in a club, Amana Bynes has been held in a psychiatric ward on a 5150.

The tragic star is obviously in desperate need of some medical assistance with her mental health, but TMZ reports that the help came from an incredibly controversial source. Britney Spears' ex-manager, Sam Lufti.

Lufti was accused of taking advantage of Britney's vulnerable emotional state for his own personal gain, and the Spears family eventually obtained a court order to ensure he could never see Britney again. Although Lufti maintains he acted in Britney's best interests, Spears' family insists that he fed her a toxic cocktail of drugs and syphoned off her wealth.

A troubled Britney with Sam Lufti
A troubled Britney with Sam Lufti

Despite his terrible reputation, Byne's parents were reportedly delighted that Lufti managed to ensnare their desperately ill daughter. The manager reportedly told Bynes that his experience fighting with Spears' parents could help Bynes to sue her own mother and father and promised to take her to a good lawyer.

When Bynes took the bait and flew into LAX airport, Lufti told her that their was a car waiting to take her to two stops, his lawyers office followed by the London Hotel in West Hollywood.

When Bynes thought she had arrived at the lawyers office, she was actually in a hospital and greeted by the family lawyer and a team of medical professionals ready to assess her.

Although the story seems far fetched, Bynes seems to have confirmed the whole thing with her last Tweet;

Lets all hope that Amanda manages to get well again soon, it's been terrible to watch her disintegrate so publicly and I wish her all the best for the future.


Do you think Amanda Bynes' parents should have let her move away on her own after her last breakdown?

(Source: TMZ and MTV)


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