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Jess O'Kane

It seems Twin Peaks fever has gripped the world lately - and rightly, of course. Ever since the announcement that a third season would air in 2016 on Showtime, fans of the show have been having a major throwback moment (me included).

This mashup is one of the more eccentric things to come out of the past week, however. YouTuber Jamison Hermann has combined the overly cheery intro to the equally nostalgia-baiting Gilmore Girls with footage from Twin Peaks, with predictably funny results.

Being that you probably couldn't find two shoes more polar in their tone, the mashup feels totally surreal to watch, and will have Gilmore fans pining for WB to take a leaf out of Showtime's book and revive the series - which was tragically cancelled in 2007.

Basically, if you wanted to watch a Homecoming Queen's corpse being unwrapped to the lyrics of "Where You Lead", look no further.

(Source: IndieWire)


If this was a real show, would you watch it?


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