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Bill Murray is pretty much everything. Lover, fighter, comedian, legend, bartender and official Director of Fun. But it turns out that he's also a total sweetheart as well.

In an interview with Jaeden Lieberher, the 11 year-old star of Murray's new film St. Vincent, Lieberher reveals how Murray became a father figure to him on set - much like in the movie itself, in which Murray plays an irresponsible babysitter to Melissa McCarthy's son Oliver (Lieberher).

The interview includes some gold tidbits about Murray's behaviour on set, which included stealing a golf cart and making everybody crack up all the time. But Lieberher also reveals the softer side of the comedy legend:

He always told me to relax a little bit and have fun when I'm doing a movie. One time, I was doing a big speech [in a] scene, and it's really long. And it's in front of a lot of people, and it was tough. So Bill took me aside, and we started meditating. He's telling me to relax.

How sweet of him though to reassure a young kid like that. In Lieberher's words, it's "nervewracking" to perform opposite a national treasure - though it seems Murray himself is a pretty humble guy.

St. Vincent also stars Chris O'Dowd, Naomi Watts in a rare comic role, and Melissa McCarthy as a worn out single mother.

If you missed this exclusive clip of Murray singing Bob Dylan in the movie, check it out below:

(Source: Hollywood Reporter)


Are you surprised that Bill Murray took Jaeden Lieberher under his wing?


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