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We might all go wild for Chan's sexy strip moves in [Magic Mike](movie:203046), but his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum, has even more reason to be throwing her panties with glee!

Although she isn't ridiculously keen on her hubbie whipping his clothes off on screen in highly sexualized moves, Dewan Tatum gets to personally approve Chan's routines from the privacy of their own home.

Private show, anyone?
Private show, anyone?

Yep, that's right, according to People magazine, Jenna gets her own private strip show to allow her to "approve the moves" before we get to savor them on the big screen.

So, when your at the cinema watching [Magic Mike XXL](movie:452782) and thinking life couldn't get any better, try not to remember Jenna's position and be swept away by a tide of envy!

It's a tough life...


Jealous much?

(Source: Gossip Cop via People)


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