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So, how about that season five premiere ("No Sanctuary") of The Walking Dead? Incredibly done by all, wasn't it? Personally, I did not want it to end. But, we have next Sunday's all-new episode to look forward to, titled "Strangers."

Here's a brief synopsis for the aforementioned episode:

Rick leads a risky mission for a possible small reward when the supplies run low and the group's mistrust of people grows.

Well, it is expected that the group will run into more trouble as the season progresses, now that they are on the road, again. But, is the "mistrust" that is growing directed at just strangers, or is there mistrust building within the group as well? As an example of the real possibility of the latter happening, Carol and Rick reunited during "No Sanctuary," and it seemed like they genuinely do care for each other. But, Rick undoubtedly remembers that Carol killed Karen and David (two former members of the entire prison group) back in season four, and Carol undoubtedly remembers that Rick banished her from the prison for doing that. What is worse is that Rick, at the time, told Carol that he did not trust her anymore around his children - Carl and Judith. So, can they really co-exist? They will probably have to, for the time being. You could probably find other examples of people within the group that might not enjoy each other's company, but we will have to wait and see what is truly going on.

What follows are a couple of videos to ease the burden a bit of having to wait a whole freaking week, after having watched perhaps the best 'TWD' episode yet. Series creator Robert Kirkman was not in any way misleading us when he said that season five was going to "hit the ground running."

Episode 5.02 Promo:

Looks like one of the first strangers we will meet next Sunday night is Father Gabriel, played by Seth Gilliam. Father Gabriel is from the comics, and it is at least implied that he is man who is trying to do good in the world, but that is also haunted by his dark past. Is he able to mentally compartmentalize and put aside his own demons for the sake of other people in need of help? Or, is he just another monster who is able to hide his evil tendencies very well, à la the Governor? Judging by the promo, though, he sounds desperate, perhaps because he has been alone for quite some time. But, that might change:

Episode 5.02 Sneak Peek:

First of all, it is very nice to see the romantic relationship between Sasha and Bob evolve a bit more. They evidently get along so well, and most importantly, it appears like Tyreese, Sasha's brother, is okay with it. And in a world ravaged by so much death and destruction, that is a site to behold, in my opinion. Also, it is becoming clearer and clearer that Rick is beginning to display his darker side more often, much like he was doing back when he was dictator/leader Rick Grimes in season three. The fact that his own son, Carl, had to convince him to follow that voice yelling for help at the end of the video further proves that to be the case. And finally, could that voice belong to Father Gabriel?

"Strangers" debuts next Sunday, October 19th. Don't miss it!


Judging by the videos, "Strangers" is going to be:


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