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The award for the best fan art of 2014 on Moviepilot goes to artist Nicky Barkla!


Good lord, this lady has such an amazing talent and I'm so thrilled to share her artwork with all of you on Moviepilot! Nicky Barkla from Melbourne, Australia is a self taught artist that creates mesmerizing, psychedelic-surrealistic paintings of pop and media icons while giving them their very own personality. Every painting explodes with vibrant-bleeding colors! I just wish there was more information about the artist, but for now spreading her artwork for the whole world to see is enough.

Below I've listed some of Nicky Barkla's fantastic artwork and contact links.

Heath Ledger's Joker

The Joker almost looks sad here. It definitely brings out a new level of his personality.

Bryan Cranston's Walter White

Those are some seriously intense colors Walter White's got on. Stunning.

Dead Space 3

Whoa, just whoa.

Boris Karloff's Frankenstein Monster

So grotesque, so beautiful.

Darth Vader

Love the brilliant colors on the outside of his helmet while his mask remains in shadow.

Darth Maul

Incredibly, intensely creepy.

Sam Raimi's Spider-Man

Whatever Spiderman is looking at, it looks beautifully psychedelic.

The Incredible Hulk

Love this one, it captures the anger of the Hulk completely.

Lord Voldemort

Evan scarier than in the movies?


His eyes...incredible.

"A Clown Mess" - Nicky Barkla

I'm excited to see what this gifted artist will bring us next!


Contact Information:

"We're all mad here" - The Cheshire Cat

Email: [email protected]





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