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So, Star Wars is getting pretty big, again. With Episode 7 due to release in theaters in a little over a year and with Rebels debuting on TV, the hype for the beloved space saga is continuously growing. It's pretty safe to assume that Episode 7, while featuring Han, Luke, and Leia, will focus on passing the torch to tell the tale of a new generation of heroes and villains. With that being said, what if it was time to pass the torch of the prequels to a new set of actors? Because everything seems to get remade in Hollywood now a days (Batman, Superman, that one Karate Kid movie with Willow Smith). So imagine if someone were to remake the Star Wars Prequels? Hopefully this time around, we would get less of Jar Jar and more of the Clone Wars. But one important underlying issue still remains. Who would replace the original actors? Now I know, some of you can't fathom another kid replacing Jake Lloyd as little Anakin, but it would have to be done. Here at MoviePilot, we've done our fair share of fan-voted recasts and now its time we do the same for Star Wars.

The Rules

There are tons of characters that would need recast. So, thats where you the fans come in. Due to the vast amount of characters, we will only do a fan-voted recast of four characters from the prequels. DISCLAIMER AHEAD! We will only cast one Anakin Skywalker, the older one. The reason being, is because we see the most of Anakin when he is in his twenties. Not a little slave boy. Plus, I'm pretty sure that we would all vote for Ty Simpkins ("Harley" from Iron Man 3) to play young Ani. Articles will follow containing polls on who you would want recast as these top four prequel characters.

The Top 4

Below are the four characters who I believe are the most essential to the story line of the prequel movies. Now I know that I may receive some flack from not putting some fan favorites on this list. Don't worry! I will be doing articles for the original trilogy and other fan favorites as well. Remember, this is a list of, who I believe are quintessential to the prequels. Without these characters, you just can't have Star Wars at all. So, here they are.

1. Anakin Skywalker

The whole saga is based upon him rising to become a Jedi Knight, his fall as a Sith Lord, and his redemption as the Chosen One. It's kinda sorta important Anakin be in the remakes. DISCLAIMER! The character cast as Anakin Skywalker will also be Darth Vader in Episodes 4-6. HOWEVER, the person cast as Anakin WILL NOT BE VADER'S VOICE ACTOR!

2. Obi-Wan Kenobi

The Jedi Master of Anakin Skywalker and, eventually, Luke Skywalker. After Qui-Gon dies in Episode I, he commands Obi-Wan to train Anakin. Obi-Wan is the father Anakin never had. Obi-Wan's relationship with Anakin is one of the driving forces of the prequels.

3. Padmé Amidalla

Anakin has to fall in love with someone! It's what causes him to turn to the dark side! Wait, think about that for a minute. If Anakin never fell in love with Padmé, he never turns to the dark side. So it's Padmé's fault for Anakin's demise. Darn you Padmé! But she is still pretty important.

4. Chancellor Palpatine (Darth Sidious)

Finally, the Grand Master of the Sith. The most evil being in the galaxy and also the most cunning. The puppeteer behind the Clone Wars and the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Sidious. He orchestrates every event in the prequels, that lead up to his control of the galaxy and the birth of one of the greatest villains ever known, Darth Vader.

You Decide

I will be writing separate articles with the polls on the replacement actors. Expect the poll for Anakin to be released within the next couple of days. Do you like my list or do you dislike the list? I'm always open to your opinion! Do you believe that there are other characters on this list that shouldn't? Or are there characters that aren't on this list that should be? Let me know in the comments below! May the Force be with you!


Who else would you want to see recast in the prequels?


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