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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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What's up everybody, Evan Lee speaking and I'm here to share with all of you a very special project! Back in September me and a group of friends (RoAnna Sylver and Kyle Watkins) decided to create a podcast together. The idea was to create an environment that felt inviting and comfortable as if you were sitting with a group of friends having a random, fun conversation. We wanted to separate ourselves from other podcasts. Something that wasn't so scripted, boring and filled with forced comedy... Pretty much has something that's fresh!

TNTM (Talk Nerdy To Me) we embrace imperfection, meaning we only do raw recordings with little to no editing in our recordings and we do everything in one take. We want the audience to get to know the real us. At the moment TNTM is recorded up to 4 (test) episodes. Starting in the end of November the team will officially launch our monthly podcast. By releasing monthly podcasts this will allow the team to have a much broader amount of topics to discuss, giving us more breathing room to write on Moviepilot, more time to finish the animation and save up money for the animation.


TNTM Intro Banner by Kwiver Kid
TNTM Intro Banner by Kwiver Kid

The idea of having animated characters on a podcast came from being a fan of a former review channel on YouTube called "Spill Reviews" and watching The Ricky Gervais Show on HBO. Both shows were in my opinion ahead of their time and they both brought something different to the table in entertainment. I took it upon myself to hire some of the best animators out there to make this dream come true! For TNTM we have two amazing animators - Gerome Delfino and Kwiver Kid.

Gerome Delfino is our main animator for episode 1, he created the intro for the popular female geek YouTuber - Comicbookgirl 19.

He also worked on a really cool animated music video for the band - 11 Acorn Lane:

Here are our character designs for episode 1:

In about 8 days a 3-4 minute animated video will be released for episode 1! The whole team is so excited about this project and we can't wait to share with all of you. In our first few episodes the audio is not great whatsoever, we acknowledge that it's not good and we poke fun of it on several occasions in our recordings. We're just starting out and this is why we're going to do monthly podcasts which will give us more time to buy better recording equipment.

Below is a 30 second preview of the 3-4 minute cartoon. The video features RoAnna as a "Witch Bunny" located somewhere in the Scottish Highlands, me as an undead frat bro lounging on the couch and Kyle the milk-alcoholic/bartending cat. In the full animated video I believe we were ranting about werewolves, vampires, Harry Potter and how lame they looked in Twilight. In the 30 second video you'll notice a video cut saying "Werewolf Image" in this scene and more to come this will be a comical cut scene of a werewolf shaving himself. Trust me, the final product is funny! If you don't notice this our characters are talking on phones... Why? This was a last minute decision for me. I recognized my voice sounded a tad bit louder than the others and our voices are like that in other recordings. The most logical reason I could think of was having the characters on a three-way phone calls in far apart areas of the world.... Haha, it's a stretch.



This is an unused introduction scene from my good friend and animator, Kwiver Kid. We love Kwiver's style! It's fun, awesome, creepy and it kinda reminds us of Tim Burton's artistic style. In the introduction it starts with RoAnna walking (or skipping) in the Scottish Highlands until this zombie hand grabs her ankle! Lo and behold, it's "Zombie Frat-Boy Evan"! Then a drunk "Kyle the Cat" comes flying in with his jetpack and crashes into the "Talk Nerdy To Me" banner. Then we creepily look into the camera, hahaha!


That's about it!

October 25th we're going to record a fun Halloween special podcast and have director Justin Cole, creator of the realistic horror film - The Upper Footage as a special guest. Definitely check that out when it hits YouTube.

You can listen to our embarrassingly/random/awesome first audio recording of episode 1 at the end of this article.

CLICK HERE to visit our new channel and watch episode 3.

Yes, we get it people! The audio is not great at all, there are clicking sounds in the background and we are all over the place in our recordings... GIVE US A CHANCE! Haha this is tough and we just want to have fun :D

Ep. 1 - The Phantom Tangents


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