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According to a report by Variety, The Resident Evil video game and film brand is looking to delve into television. German production company Constantin Film (the same company that did the films) is to launch the TV series some time after the 6th and final film, Resident Evil: The Final Chapter, is released.

This may not be for a while, as lead actress in the film series Milla Jovovich (who plays Alice) is currently pregnant with the child of her husband and the director of the movie, Paul W.S. Anderson... the pregnancy has delayed the film's release date. So, we probably won't see the TV show air until 2016.

There are no details as to the cast or general plot of the show, but the film franchise definitely went off the beaten path in terms of the storyline and plot of the original video games made by Capcom. It will be interesting to see what the TV series will be about, and which characters it will include.

Will Alice be the focus of the TV series as she is in the films?

In my opinion, it's doubtful that Alice will be featured throughout the series. Let's just say, the creators of the film series have kind of "been there, done that." I think it is best to include her in the pilot but to let her role dwindle away after a few episodes.

Doubtful that it will be as big of a hit as The Walking Dead

The idea of a super mainstream horror zombie-based TV series was kind of unheard of before [The Walking Dead](series:201193). They proved that zombie-killing horror can be done -- and it can be wildly popular -- on the small screen. We'll see which network picks this up, and how much creative freedom they're willing to give Constantin.

Will the TV series continue where the movies left off when it comes to bad-ass female characters?

Whether or not the series contains characters like Alice and Rain Ocampo (above, played by Michelle Rodriguez), the show is destined to feature bad-ass female leading characters since I think that's what makes it truly unique.

If there's one thing that the film series has proven, it's that there is definitely an audience for this. Whether or not it's a bonafide hit will all come down to the execution... and I'm sure there will be plenty literal executions (of both people and zombies) in the show as well.


What are your thoughts on the Resident Evil TV series?


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