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DreamWorks Animation celebrated its 20th Anniversary on October 12, 2014!

Acme Archives is having a month long celebration as well, releasing new artwork featuring DreamWorks Aninimation's films every Wednesday during October. There will be both all new interpretive art and concept art from the movies.

Check out the next Artwork to be released Wednesday, Oct 15th featuring: Kung Fu Panda & Madagascar

"In Perfect Balance" by Schim Schimmel - New Kung Fu Panda Interpretive Art

"Dumpling Duel" - Kung Fu Panda Concept Art

"The Valley of Peace" - Kung Fu Panda Concept Art

"Master Oogway" - Kung Fu Panda Concept Art

"King Julien's Solution" - Madagascar Concept Art

"Penguins Arrive" - Madagascar Concept Art

"Sunset at the Watering Hole" - Madagascar Concept Art

Check back each Wednesday in October for new artwork from more DreamWorks Animation movies:

Oct. 1st - Shrek - Puss in Boots - How to Train Your Dragon 2

Oct. 8th - Megamind - Monsters vs. Aliens

Oct. 15th - Madagascar - Kung Fu Panda

Oct. 22nd - The Croods - Rise of the Guardians


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