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Today I learned why Michael Keaton, who starred as the Caped Crusader in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) turned down a reported $15 million to play Batman in Tim Burton's third film in the series. There are a hundred different reasons why an actor would turn down a role, even if a cool $15 million is at stake. It might be difficult for us normal people to fathom turning down $15 MILLION WHOLE DOLLARS, but probably the most understandable reason for someone to turn down a project of this size is simply because they didn't like it.

In an interview with CBS Sunday Morning, he discusses his upcoming role in the film [Birdman](movie:780317), Keaton explained simply, "It sucked...Yeah, it just was awful."

Well, there we have it. Pretty easy, I guess. But this film, this long-lost Batman 3. What could it have possibly looked like?

According to ComicBookMovie, had Tim Burton not been removed from the project for refusing to ease up on the darkness (on a side note, oh, what I wouldn't give to see a "too dark" Tim Burton movie again), Michael Keaton would have starred alongside Rene Russo as his love interest, and Marlon Wayans as Robin! Picture THAT for a minute.

Sadly, once Schumacher replaced Burton, Keaton lost interest and dropped out and, as we all know, Wayans was replaced by Chris O'Donnell. When Val Kilmer was chosen as Batman, they thought Russo might be too old for him so she also opted out.

The project was far enough along that concept art was even drawn up for Robin's costume.

Chris O
Chris O

Okay, so I'm not saying it's better than Joel Schumacher's version, but at least it doesn't have the lustrous, and generous codpiece. I mean, seriously, that thing is shiny. This might not have been the chosen design had Wayans stayed with the film, but there was a possibility of him donning this suit and...Wolverine hair, apparently. I have my own opinions, but I'm much more interested to hear what you guys think!


Would you have rather seen Michael Keaton instead of Val Kilmer?


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