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There has been an awakening...have YOU felt it?
Aminia Junior Swaggie

Because it does sound a bit familiar – much like the one from this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Well, check it out below!

Avengers trailer!!!! Avenger trailer! Y’all y’all y’all. Spoilers! Big ones. I can’t do a cut on my phone sorry. Open on big party in the tower! Everyone is trying to lift Thor’s hammer. Tony tries, then Tony tries with Rhodey. Clint tries Bruce tries and pretends to hulk out, adorable. Cap tries and juuuuust moves it, Thor looks very scared but then Steve gives up. Nat doesn’t even try. Maria is there too! Ultron shows up. Montage of action!!! Explosions everywhere!! Ballerinas! Snow! Bruce in the woods! Hulk touching Nat’s hand gently!!! Hulkbuster fight!!! Thor attacking Tony! Cap fighting quick silver! Scarlet witch screaming after Nat says “nothing lasts forever” And then the final shot: Tony is on a battlefield. Cap’s shield is on the ground. Broken in half. Cap and Thor and maybe more are lying on the ground. Ahhhhhhhhhhh we all freaked out and made them play it again.


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