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Bryan Mills and Jason Bourne; two CIA assassins with both the license and the intent to kill whoever messes with them or the ones they love. Both have spawned widely known entertaining franchises. And both have a huge fan base. But the age old question still stands—who's the better assassin? After all, there can only be one. Is it Bryan Mills, with his sharp wit, "don't give a f*ck attitude and remarkable ability to make super threatening phone calls? Or Jason Bourne, with his wide knowledge of weaponry, clever strategy and hardcore parkour?

Seriously this guy jumps into balconies and stuff!
Seriously this guy jumps into balconies and stuff!

There's really only one way to decide who is the truly the greatest assassin: AN ASSASSIN OFF! Bryan Mills vs. Jason Bourne! One will win, the other will die! Ok not really, I just said that for dramatic effect. But it's getting you pumped right >=D?

So, in order to properly decide the greatest of these two, we'll have to look at all of their amazing features. And no, we don't mean their striking good looks.

Though those are noticed.
Though those are noticed.

We're talking about the things that make them assassins, the very core of their...assassinism? Pretty sure that isn't a word, but it pretty much sums up what I mean.

So, first thing we need to look at is:

The Backstory!

Every assassin has a badass yet tragic back-story that made them who they are today. The backstory shows not only how they got their intent and desire to kill, but also why they decided to get a license for it.

Bryan Mills: It's not really explained when or why Bryan joined the C.I.A, but the stress of his job put strain on his family life. This caused his wife, Lenore, to divorce him and take custody of their daughter, Kim. He quits his job after realizing that family meant more to him than the C.I.A. It's a bit of a sad story, knowing that he lost his wife and daughter because of his job, but it's not a very tragic one.

Jason Bourne: Jason was found drifting in the Mediterranean Sea Imperia by some Italian Fisherman with two gunshot wounds in his back and a tiny laser projector implanted in him. Inside of him! To add to what already sounds like a "Man last night was crazy" moment, he's suffered memory loss and gets the name "Jason Bourne" from an American Passport he had on him. Memory loss plus waking up in the ocean with gunshot wounds equals tragic backstory.


Next up, we need to look at each of these assassins':

Intimidation Skills!

In order to be a good assassin, you need to strike fear into the hearts of anyone who dares cross your path. You need to have a stoic face and an attitude to match! Let's look at our contenders intimidation capabilities.

Bryan Mills: Bryan is one tough SOB! He's got it all: a tough as nails attitude, a stoic nearly emotionless face, and a "particular set of skills." He can literally intimidate you over the phone! Do you know how rare a skill that is? Just imagine picking up the phone and hearing "I will find you, and I will kill you" in that scary voice.


Plus, when he says he's going to do something, all you have to do is take one look at him and just know that he can and will do it!

Jason Bourne: Even though Jason doesn't have a "no bullsh*t accepted" face like Bryan Mills, he's still pretty intimidating. With his martial arts skills and his parkour combined, Jason is a force not to be reckoned with. The guy is a gun expert and fighting machine. He's got more stamina and flip tricks than Neo from 'The Matrix'! However, even tough he is very intimidating, he just doesn't look it. When Bryan Mills' enemies go into a fight with him, they have a layer of fear on them. When Jason's enemies get in to a fight with him, he just doesn't effect them in the same way. It could be because of his polite stance and handsome features. Either way, going to have to give it to Bryan on this one.


Ok, so next thing we need to look at is their:

Fighting Skills!

The most obvious trait every assassin needs is rad fighting skills. They need to be able to not only use their fist as a weapon, but also the objects around them.

Bryan Mills: Bryan is quite the crafty one. Able to adapt to his surroundings, he always has the upper hand! Bryan is ex-CIA, so you can imagine the training he went through. That training translated well in the fighting world, as shown by his ability to snap a person's neck like it's a slim jim. What's cool about Bryan is that not only does he have amazing combat skills, he's pretty good at torturing too. Bryan is still the good guy, but he can think like a bad guy, which means he knows just the right torturing tactics to make them squeal like a baby pig!

Jason Bourne: Jason is a martial artist and a weapons expert. He can shoot with a pistol from five buildings over! And if you do manage to dodge his bullets, you'd still have to worry about his lightning fast fists of fury! Jason is also ex-CIA, but he prefers punching over torturing. Even though Bryan is pretty creative with his combat, I'm going to have to give it Jason for good old fashioned fisticuffs!


Next up is:


Bryan Mills: Bryan has an insane amount smarts, all kinds of them. Street smarts AND book smarts are his quota. He demonstrates this intelligence all the time, using it to defeat his opponents and even to be ten steps ahead of them! You'll simply never get the drop on Bryan. And if you do get the drop on him, he planned it.

Jason Bourne: Jason also has insane street and book smarts. He never gets into an situation without knowing what the situation is about and analyzing what he needs to do to win! He's a master of sneakiness and adapts to his surroundings! It's incredible how smart he is, especially since he suffered from a huge case of memory loss.


All right, time for the final round. The last thing we're going to look at between these two is:


What makes an assassin do what he does? What makes him fight? We're going to look at the motivation behind Bryan Mills' and Jason Bourne's assassin lifestyles.

Bryan Mills: Bryan's motivation for becoming an assassin is the same reason for him quitting being an assassin: his family. Bryan quits his job at the CIA when he gains a sense of family values, but must go back into CIA mode when his daughter's life is endangered during a trip to France. He will do anything for his family, including kill a bunch of nameless henchman (and inadvertently cause the plot of Taken 2 by killing one of those nameless henchman in a pretty eff-ed up way).

Jason Bourne: Jason's motivation is: answers. Answers to who he is an why this stuff is happening to him. He will stop at nothing to find the answers he seeks. Unfortunately, there are A LOT of people who will stop at nothing to make sure the answers they seek are buried forever, along with him! Nevertheless, Jason is relentless in his efforts to find out who he truly is.

Now this is a hard one, each of them have great motivation. But I have to give it to Bryan simply because his motivation isn't selfish. He's a family man who will always protect the ones he loves with his "particular set of skills."



Bryan Mills and Jason Bourne are both incredibly good assassins in their own right. It's really hard to choose between them. Some of their views and skills are different, but it's what makes them who they are. So that's why the winner of this assassin off is both of them. They're both great assassins and could both handle themselves in any fight that's thrown at 'em!

But since everyone has different opinions, go ahead and tell me who you think below!


Who's your winner?


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