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I just read on that Diana's origin for the DCU will be different. I like this new origin and I am 100% on board. She is a daughter of Zeus now, but still an Amazon. I'm so glad it's not that bull about Amazons being Kryptonian descendants. With the Greek mythology already being established in this universe, it got me thinking about Hercules. After all, Hercules would be her half brother, if they used him.

Yes, both DC and Marvel use the Greeks.


Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman will have her own movie in July 2017 I believe. I know it's post Justice League. After that movie she is back at Themyscira and it is in ruins. Hera and her sisters are nowhere to be found. I imagine it going like this:

Wonder Woman: Hera, guide me.

Hera (She'll be communicating with her via reflecting pool): Diana, I know not what has happened to Themyscira but you must go. You must find your brother. Only together can you undo what has been done.

Wonder Woman: Half brother! It's bad enough I intervened in the world of man already, but HERCULES!? I would be better off with one of my mortal allies!

Hera: No you wouldn't. This is internal, you must find Hercules. He knows how to fix this. Go Diana.

Wonder Woman: Yes Hera...

Or something like that. I know that kinda sounds like it would be a team up film like that Flash and Green Lantern one we're supposed to be getting, but that's just one way he could be introduced. You could go the Superman route, but I like the Wonder Woman path better.

Also with both Marvel and DC using mythology, that could precipitate a crossover. As mythology goes in Rick Riordan's books, for all of a God's essence to be in one place, that is their immortal form. Fatal to mortals who look upon them. So their essence is scattered. I like to think that their essence is spread throughout universes.

See what I'm getting at? Some of their essence lies in Marvel and some in DC. So I think an event like that would bring the two together for a crossover. I know it's a long shot, but it was sure fun to come up with.


Hercules anybody? Could Wonder Woman introduce him?


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