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A Resident Evil TV series is now in pre-production, but don't expect to see it anytime soon, as it's planned as a follow up to the next and supposedly final film in the franchise. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter does not yet have a release date. It was recently delayed because lead actress Milla Jovovich, who is married to Resident Evil movie director Paul W.S. Anderson, is pregnant.

This report comes from Variety, which says the Germany based Constantin Film, the production company behind the Resident Evil movie franchise, is also creating the TV Series. No real details have been given about the show except that it will take place in the same universe as the movies, the time frame is yet to be known though. No news on the plot or characters yet, but rumors are beginning to spread that Milla will star in the pilot episode.

This show has been rumored for quite some time but now has been confirmed by Executives at the production company.


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