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Jaemy Choong has put together a great catologue of fan art on his Instagram page. He takes movie posters... and let's just say, he tweaks them a little bit.

I really like what he's done with some of the most iconic characters from a few of my favorite movies:

Like an underwear-ironing Jay Gatsby

How does Gatsby stay so fresh? He irons EVERYTHING... including his underwear, that's how.

Or 40 year-old virgin Andy Stitzer carrying extra virgin olive oil and rocking a polo-shirt/dress

Lookin' good! Not sure why it took 40 years, honestly...

The Mask looking swagged out

Not entirely sure why he's wearing a ski jacket here, but still cool!

Tyler Durden and his alter-ego cleaning

First rule about cleaning the tiled floor... don't talk about cleaning the tiled floor.

Captain America getting ready to clean as well

Captain America works hard for his country. And he works hard to clean up his apartment, too.

Gollum with his precious light fixture

Good luck trying to get that lantern out of Gollum's hands.

The Terminator ready to get an abs workout in

OK, this is cool. But, ALSO, how was this guy governor of California for 8 years? Still wondering how that happened... anyway....

A much friendlier version of Freddy vs. Jason

Definitely a fan of the pink ukulele... And it would be pretty cool to see how Jason plans to use those flowers as a weapon...

Edward Scissorhands donning an orange afro

It looks like he's reconsidering whether it was a good idea to go with orange.

If you want to follow Jaemy, you can at on his Instagram here.


What was your favorite mash-up?


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