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When news of the apparent shift in Halo 5's staring role was hinted to be Lieutenant Commander Jameson Locke and not Master Chief last week, the world of 343 and Halo was sent spinning into a viral whirlwind of almost biblical proportion. However, we can now confirm that Master chief will in fact be the main protagonist in Halo 5: Guardians.

Master Chief will be Halo 5's star attraction. While Agent Locke will be a primary character in Halo 5: Guardians, Master Chief remains the main protagonist, 343 Industries franchise development director Frank O'Connor confirmed on NeoGAF.

"'A' primary character, Chief is the main character and hero,” O'Connor writes, responding to theories that Chief won't be the main protagonist. He also shot down comments that the developer is going to “test the waters to see if they can retire Master Chief.”
Halo 5
Halo 5

Speaking to OXM as part of their Halo Special, 343's Bonnie Ross shed a little more light on the plot of Halo 5: Guardians. Among other tantalizing titbits, she revealed that a "new mysterious threat" will feature in the game - suggesting that the fourth game's Didact won't, as has been rumored, be the main antagonist.

Much in a similar vein to Gears of War, 343 have taken part in a number of high profile character deaths, their aim being to populate the new games ahead with all new bad ass Spartan players.

Halo 5
Halo 5

"We have a tendency to kill all of our supporting characters, so there is only the Master Chief," noted Ross. "So with our fiction, we're giving ourselves a deeper palette of characters we can pull from. Master Chief is a hero, but we want to give him a supporting cast."

Halo 5 WILL have a Beta

The beta will contain three modes, 11 weapons, seven maps and seven armor sets.

Halo 5
Halo 5

The focus is back to basic old school Halo! Good news ey fans! The classic 4v4 arena action gunplay, the maps are tailored for close quarter combat. Run and gun to an extent, but it's all about owning the map, working as a team.

Unlike Bungie's recent Destiny Beta, you will be able to carry over certain achievements gained in the beta to the final game. Additionally, the beta will receive dedicated coverage on the newly announced Halo Channel, a dashboard hub for Halo multiplayer, TV programming, and community features.

Here is the brand new Beta trailer jam packed with even more Halo info! Enjoy:

So, What do we all think of the new multiplayer system? Are you happy going back to classic Halo? Plot points, got an opinion? Comment below now!

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