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Where would some of our favorite heroes be without their . Not every hero has a sidekick nor do they need one but they are still helpful when fighting crime. I got to thinking the other day that we haven't seen any sidekicks in our superhero movies, mostly in the universe. Therefore I have made a list of my top five sidekicks from all all places; movies, comics, and TV shows. I know there are many many sidekicks in both Marvel and DC but I have made my picks on their popularity, abilities, and over all which ones I am happiest to see in TV shows and movies.

#5 War Machine

James "Rhodey" Rhode is the best friend of Tony Stark and is the sidekick of Iron Man. War Machine made his first appearance in Iron Man #144 in 1981. Rhodey was a US Marine for several years and on a mission that went south he was saved by Iron Man and their friendship started there. Rhodey was actually Iron Man for a short time while Tony Stark dealt with his own alcohol addiction. After that Tony gave Rhodey one of his own military specialized suits that eventually dawned the role of War Machine. In the recent Iron Man 3 movie Rhodey reprised his role in a suit but it was the Iron Patriot suit. War Machine gets my number five spot because more than the fact that he is basically Iron Man the man inside the suit is great. Rhodey as a character is a down to earth straight forward guy that will do anything to help his best friend. I respect that about the character.

#4 Kid Flash

Wally West is the third speedster to to dawn the title of Flash. Kid Flash made his first appearance in The Flash #110 in 1959. Wally got his powers the same way that his future uncle Barry Allen, the second Flash, did due to a freak accident in the chemical lab. West was bathed in electrically-charged chemicals. The new speedster dawned a costume similar to Allen's Flash but with more yellow and a more open face mask. I am a huge Flash fan and seeing Kid Flash on the TV show Young Justice made me like him even more. He is a little more rambunctious than other sidekicks but he stands out more than others too. He is a crazy kid who probably has the coolest best friend in the DC universe, Dick Grayson AKA the first Robin AKA Nightwing. Being a founding member of the Teen Titans gives him a bit more cool factor over others. Kid Flash is #4 because of how he relates to others and being a part of a cool family of speedsters.

#3 Winter Soldier / Bucky

James "Bucky" Barnes wasn't always the brainwashed enemy of Captain America, he was the sidekick of the first avenger during the war. Bucky made his first appearance in Captain America Comics #1 in 1941, Winter Soldier made his first appearance in Captain America #1 in 2005, and taking the mantle of Captain America he made his first appearance in Captain America #34 in 2008. As Bucky he was adopted into a military camp after his father was killed in action during World War II. It was there that he discovered the secret identity of Captain America and after training he was assigned to be his sidekick. While on a mission to disarm a bomb both Cap and Bucky were hit by the explosion and were thrown into the ocean. Bucky was found by Russian scientist and was brainwashed and trained to be a spy for them taking the code name Winter Soldier. Winter Soldier and Captain America, Cap now awake in the 20th century, crossed paths numerous times. After Winter Soldier was free of the Russians he eventually took on the role of Captain America after Steve Rodgers was assasinated. Bucky is an interesting character because he started of as a sidekick, then an enemy, and then the hero he once worked along side. That alone gives him the #3 spot on my list. Plus Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie was freaking amazing.

#2 Speedy / Arsenal / Red Arrow

Roy Harper is the sidekick of Green Arrow and is another character that has gone under three changes like Winter Soldier. Roy made his first appearance as Speedy in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941, as Arsenal in The New Titans #99 in 1993, and as Red Arrow in Kingdom Come #2 in 1996 and Justice League of America (vol. 2) #2 in 2007. Before Roy became Green Arrow's sidekick he was raised by a Navajo medicine chief named Brave Bow after his father died in a forest fire and he taught him how to shoot a bow and arrow. After Brave Bow passed away Roy was adopted by Oliver Queen, Green Arrow, and became his sidekick taking on the identity of Speedy. After working with GA for awhile he joined the Teen Titans and went on many missions with them. After awhile the Titans disbanded and Roy became a heroin addict. It took alone time for Roy to overcome his addiction and when the Teen Titans rebuilt themselves he took on a new persona as Arsenal. When Roy had done his time with the Titans he was approached by Hal Jordan, Green Lantern, about becoming a member of the Justice League. He accepted but took on yet another name. This time he was addressing himself as Red Arrow. This was a nod to his Green Arrow being the one who he had worked with for so long. Roy is becoming more and more popular with his live action portrayal by Colton Haynes in Arrow. He takes number two because of his origin being so drastic and how he has overcome it all plus I am an [Arrow](series:720988) fan and I love seeing him on there.

#1 Robin / Red Hood

And taking the number one spot is most everybody's favorite sidekick, Robin. Because there are several different people to dawn the role of Robin I picked my favorite person to wear the green and red tights, Jason Todd AKA Red Hood. Jason Todd was the second person to dawn the Robin role and made his first appearance as Robin in Batman #366 in 1987 and as Red Hood in Batman #635 in 2005. Jason Todd first ran into Batman when he was trying to steal the tires off of the Batmobile. Batman saw a little of himself in young Jason and missing something where the first Robin Dick Grayson had left he took him in and made him the second Robin. Batman saw right away that Jason was no Dick Grayson mostly because of how much more violent and angry Jason was. Years after being Robin Jason was with Batman and he was kidnapped and murdered by the Joker. Jason doesn't stay dead for long after Ra's Al Ghul brings him back to life by submerging his body in the Lazarus Pit. Jason rises from the dead and comes back to Gotham as an anti-hero calling himself the Red Hood. Red Hood is my favorite version of Robin because he plays by his own rules and does it with a comedic way that gets on everyone else's nerves. If you need any proof watch the animated movie Batman Under the Red Hood and you will understand what I am talking about.

There you have it, my top five favorite superhero sidekicks. Let me know what you think in the comments section below. Tell if you like picks or if you hate them, let me know who I missed and anything I missed on my picks. If you have any other suggestions on other lists or articles you would like me to do let me know that as well.


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