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Ben McNeall Womack

OK this article isn't about a movie just four ideas for zombie apocalypse that deserve big screen attention.

Idea #1 Night Ranger

OK we know this is the name of an 80s rock band but I got this idea from a friend, A female Ghoul who awakens in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse. Good news in mythology Ghoul's love dead meat. So this would be rated R because this creature of the night love to chow down on Zombie Brains.

Idea #2 The Last of US Movie

OK everyone know the game, this idea is a Zombie spectacular. I mean resident evil did well why not this? And this poster looks bitchen.

Idea # 3 Sympathy for the Devil

Please let me introduce this pitch! (LOL Guess my name) This plot is from a short-story I read 4 years ago, The Year is 1966 A boy named Billy sells his soul to the devil, in return gets access to the Devils Army of the undead to get revenge on his middle school. So basically stand by me with Zombies.

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So which one sounds like a movie


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