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I know the title sounds off and preposterous, but take a moment with me. It's okay. Take a deep breath...and let it out. Better? In the "New 52" reboot, the Superman and Lois Lane relationship is nonexistent. Gone. Never happened. Saying that, I read an article about how Batman had somehow lost his memory and was making a move on Lois Lane! Holy Date Swap, Batman!

Batman flirting
Batman flirting

With all that in mind, let me bring to your attention an idea. Bear with me.Think about this:

  • What if Superman starts dating [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) in Dawn of Justice after discovering that she is like him causing Batman aka Bruce Wayne to somehow come into Lois Lane's life as a potential love interest?

*Man in yellow shirt faints*

I knew someone would pass out. Everyone check to see if you DC buddies are still conscious.

But hey! It's Zack Snyder so anything can happen like Zod and his happy tree friends introduced and wiped out in the first Man of Steel movie and Lois Lane finding out Superman's secret identity right off the bat. Anything is possible in the Snyder Universe.

Something else to think about!

It's also been said that in the upcoming Dawn of Justice, that Wonder Woman's origin may change! Who said this? None other than Batman V Superman producer Charles Roven:

“Well Wonder Woman’s in it, we know that. She has powers, she’s a goddess. She’s half… she’s a demigod. Her father was Zeus.”

Woa! To read more about the possibility of a new origin story for Wonder Woman click here.

Wouldn't it make sense for the Man of Steel to go for Wonder Woman? More than likely he will feel lonely being the only one with power (that he currently knows of) and of course Lois will try to understand and console him. BUT when Wonder Woman hits the scene, should he forget the mortal Lois Lane?

Batman to Lois? Superman to Wonder Woman? Mortal to mortal? Immortal to immortal?


What do you think? Batsy and Lane? Supes and Wonder Woman?


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