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Mo' money, mo' film-inspired fan art! At least this is the case if you're Akira Beard and James Charles, who came together for a joint exhibition at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco, which featured their take on the “contemporary American icon.”

Each of these amazing pieces was done with ink on real U.S. currency. I've heard that it's illegal to deface or destroy currency, but in some cases I think it ends up being well worth it. Take that, rules!

Possessed Regan MacNeil

Probably best to not buy anything food-related with this. It might just make you lose your appetite.

The Wolf Man

Silver Bullets? More like silver-headed walking sticks!


Acupuncture gone haywire or Pinhead from Hellraiser? (Hint: it's the latter)

Bride of Frankenstein and Dr. Frankenstein's Monster

Before Britney Spears and K-Fed there was Frankenstein's Monster and his bride. The OG dysfunctional couple.

Phantom of the Opera

He's making that face because he can't believe you're even thinking of spending that much on a cup of coffee!


*inaudible mumbling*


Spend it all in one place, you must not.

Princess Leia

Those buns look even bigger in bill form.

Captain America (Marvel Zombies Version)

It's not very American to draw all over a 5 dollar bill...or is it?


Brow game strong.


Hasta la vista, $5 bill.

Can we all just take a second to think about how cool it would be to hand this to a cashier or something? Imagine their surprise. I, for one, would be so excited. But it would never happen because each of these bad boys sold for $600! Shoot, I'm having a hard enough time getting a regular $10 bill into my wallet, let alone one that costs that much. Talk about inflation!


Which of these dollar bills had the best horror/sci-fi character?


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