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Being able to communicate with the spirit world is a pretty interesting skill. When you're the Scottish Catherine Kennedy, this skill necessitates a knack for penmanship as well. Catherine has the ability to talk to those who have passed on. Not by ouija boards or seances. Nope, spirits guide her hand and write letters!

This is some pretty freaky business, and why this hasn't been made into a movie already blows my mind. It would be called Ghostwriter and it would be awesome. Yes, I know there's already a movie called The Ghost Writer but this would be different and cool, okay?

I get nervous when people hover over me! I couldn't imagine letting a ghost take my hand and write down messages to their loved ones. And who pays for postage? What's the protocol on that?

Ghost pen
Ghost pen

Mirror reports that from the age of eight, Catherine has had this gift, but she didn't always understand what it meant.

I was only young and my neighbour suddenly popped into my head while I was playing in the garden.
Days later, my mum told me he’d passed away. After that, it kept happening. I’d have visions of people I knew, then hear terrible news. It didn’t scare me, I’d always believed there was more to life than what we could see.

As she got older, her communication skills became more refined.

I was at home relaxing when I got a powerful urge to pick up a pen and paper.
I asked if anyone was there and my hand started tingling. Then I watched in amazement as my wrist was guided across the paper.

Some might think that she could have just been struck with artistic inspiration, but in this case she had written 4 pages in perfect Italian! Well, Catherine does speak a tad of Italian because her husband does, but she claims that she can't write in it. At least definitely not as well as she did in the letter.

Antonio and Catherine Kennedy
Antonio and Catherine Kennedy

When the letter was signed "Ivo" she knew that it was her husband Antonio's friend who had died 10 years earlier. Catherine has helped hundreds of people keep in touch with their lost loved ones, including some of her friends. When asked if she could communicate with her friend's father who had passed, she was willing to give it a shot.

One pal asked me to see who would come through for her. I started writing and couldn’t believe what I read on the page.
It said ‘Yes we have no bananas.’ I thought I can’t show her that, it’s nonsense. But her jaw dropped. It was her dad’s writing and he always used to sing the silly song with that name.
With those few words, she knew her dad was watching over her.

Earlier this year Catherine Kennedy published a book of stories from the people she's helped. She also doesn't really care whether or not people believe her, because she knows she's doing the right thing.

I know some people won’t believe me, but I’m helping these spirits stay alive on the page.

Whether or not it's true, I'm impressed and only a little creeped out. I can barely bring myself to write thank you cards let alone transcribing letters from beyond the grave! Having even more of a moral obligation to do that? That idea is scary enough.


Do you believe Catherine Kennedy is a real life ghostwriter?


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