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There are so many hungry Marvel fans out there that would love to see their favorite characters brought to the big screen, but at what cost? With Marvel's impressive box office winning streak it looks like the glorious comic book company can do whatever they want... Which is sorta far from the truth. It looks like Marvel/Disney have already made up their minds for the future of their superhero cinematic universe and I don't see the likes of Ghost Rider or Punisher hitting the big screen anytime soon. Would it be possible to give these two characters a successful live action television series? Or would they just be watered down to violence similar to the Mighty Morhpin Power Rangers?

The real question I really want to know is could Marvel create a successful (animated) superhero television series? I believe the answer is yes, but I'm unsure if they still carry the drive to bring back their animated series. My solution for all this hesitation about bringing an R-Rated Marvel superhero to the big screen would be giving these characters their very own animated series on HBO, FX, Cinemax or AMC. I know some fans may disagree with me and perhaps bring up the movie that actually brought Marvel back to the forefront...


That's right, Blade was at the time Marvel's most successful theatrically released film, ever! This was the movie that gave them the extra courage to go for an X-Men film. The only reason I disregard Blade is because when the movie was being filmed Marvel barely touched the product and went so far to the point of not having their famous logo in the intro. It was only turned to an R-Rated film because Marvel was desperate and they didn't want any part of it after their 1986 box office monstrosity of a "superhero" film called - "Howard The (Annoying Ass) Duck!" That movie did so poor at the box office that Marvel was almost sold to DC Comics/Entertainment, no joke.

In other words the only way I could see Marvel ever creating an R-Rated comic book film - they would have to be drowning in 3 to 5 major box office failures. I don't see that happening since Disney has them by the balls and Disney does not like playing with their money.

This is what happens to Kevin Feige and Joss Whedon if they ever decide to piss off Disney:


I want to know what are you opinions on Marvel creating an animated TV series again for specific characters that might be a little too "graphic" for the big screen? From what I can tell the ratings from critics and fans don't lie... Both Wolverine and Blade (Marvel Animated Series) did very well for their short run on television. They actually did better after DVD sales and Hulu Plus!

Here's my quick list of heroes I would love to see have their own animated TV series:

  • Moon Knight
  • Punisher
  • Ghost Rider
  • Blade (reboot)
  • Wolverine (reboot)
  • Heroes for Hire

Yes, I'm well aware that there's a possibility these heroes can have their own series on Netflix. In my humble opinion, I believe you can be more "ballsy" when your show is a cartoon/anime. The level of violence is amazing, great voice acting, catchy soundtrack, badass character designs. Those are the things I've noticed from animated TV series.



Awesome Blade vs. Vampire scene in animated series:


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