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I know it's inevitable. The Death of Captain America, Civil War etc. I know not many people give two about Chris Evans as Cap, but I do! So there are rumors that Iron Man is the villain for [Captain America 3](movie:994409) and the movie is Civil War based. Red Skull has Crossbones snipe him. If you gon kill him, have him go out like a boss at least! But then again comics have a tendency to never really kill people. It was some weird complicated process on how he came back. But if he gets clapped in the MCU he ain't coming back. I'm tryin to cope now....

This also means that Bucky becomes Cap. I remember saying that I was open to it ONLY if Steve returned though. How I feel right now though!?

I like this picture!
I like this picture!

F**k Bucky's punk ass! He can come and cut my grass next week. That's how I feel about Bucky if he becomes the next Captain America. I felt that way long before this reached the cinematic universe. I never liked it in the comics either.

If you read this:,manual

You understand how Bucky could be in my book. I'm not saying my book matters or will happen this is just a fan talking. There is absolutely no way in hell Marvel would do that. It would be awesome though. But Cap (Steve Rogers obviously) lovers I'm with you. Just get ready now. He will get got. It's one thing if he died in Avengers 3 and took Thanos with him for good, that's a different story. But nahh):

If you remember, Evans had 9 movies originally. Now Stan has 9 movies. Smh.

R.I.P. bro):


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