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I know weird title but let me explain. Ok me and my older brother only three years apart used to have an strained relationship. I mean I wanted to look up to him but I just couldn't, and so our brothership turned into a rivalry. He would bring home a c I would a B. I would win a plaque he would bring in a giant golden trophy. And this ultimately turned into fights I would love to say I won but well we all know that would be a lie. Then one day after I came home from a long summer camp my brother came and got me and said let's watch a movie.

If you would have described to me the world of Tarantino I was about to enter I would have slapped the Royale with cheese out of your dirty little mouth. But We sat down and He played Kill Bill on the Dvd player and my reaction was just a derp face the entire time. I could not process the level of awesome that was invading my mind palace. Let us start with my favorite scene the Black and white wedding scene or as I know call it the "Original Red wedding." It was so well done I loved the way the blood splattered everywhere making you feel for her as she was beaten this would make us root for us when she start collecting her payback later.

I looked at my brother as this was happening and all he could do was smile at me this along with the movie playing made me speechless. And never have that been said about me. My brother is an Tarantino fanboy and bonding over this I think made him love me just a bit more.

I sat through the entire movie in Awe torn between watching the amazing fight scenes and my brother quote every single line from the movie. The music floated through my body sending rays of joy into the world until I passed out. Ok I didn't really pass out but I did fall asleep, but get this my brother let me sleep in his room alone! I know and he is super protective about his room once embarrassed me in front of my first girlfriend because I went in to grab a cd.

But Kill Bill was just the tipping point soon we were doing so many things together I finally had someone to look up too and it turned out my brother was kinda cool. But this is coming from and Adorkable nerd but hell I'm down with the kids these days. Kill Bill gave me the role model I needed in my brother, a peer I could look to without feeling bad or embarrassed when my I started having private time with M'lady.

And nine years later I sit writing this to my brother as we watch Kill Bill V1, and V2. Happy Birthday Eddie without you I wouldn't be the nerd I am today.

Eddie/ ME!
Eddie/ ME!

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