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So it has been confirmed/not confirmed that the [Captain America 3](movie:994409) movie will be an adaptation of the book known as Civil War which features Tony Stark supporting the Superhero Registration Act which makes heroes have to reveal their identities to the government and act as a global police force. However Captain America considers this a betrayal of people's rights and in my opinion he's correct. So now Captain America has his insurgency with a selection of heroes and Iron Man has his army of registration soldiers.

Look I'm going to state this flat out: I don't like Civil War. I don't. I like the IDEA of Civil War, it's a very clever idea and allowed for some cool events to happen which was the case. However there were too many things that angered me, like Spider-Man revealing his identity, I never bought the idea that Tony would support the SRA, and the fact the She-Hulk turned into a slut in that story.

I can't deny though that I'm interested to see how they'll do it. Although a few things are NEEDED.

Spider-Man for one. Yes I said I didn't like him revealing his identity but he was a huge part of the insurgency and with the rumors of Sony talking about sharing the rights to Spider-Man gives me hope. Now some of you are wondering, "They can't bring in Spider-Man now, the timeline wouldn't make sense! Where was he when Loki attacked?!?" Which is why I came up with this idea. This shouldn't be Andrew Garfield's Spidey. Like you all say, the timeline and events wouldn't fit. So how about a new version of Peter Parker who was bit AFTER the events of Avengers or Avengers Age of Ultron. So that means new castings and everything. Some people will get confused but I think it could work.

A VERY good reason why Stark would start the SRA (in the report it was said that Stark would start the act in the film and not SHIELD). To me, you need to go Injustice on this. Have something so bad happen to Stark that he's lost his mind. Pepper dying or Rhodey dying, I don't know but something.

Other things I'd like to see are stuff that's not needed but I would enjoy.

Set up for more teams. Come on who doesn't want to see this war feature Blade, Ghost Rider, Punisher, and Moon Knight (set up for Marvel Knights? ;) ). Maybe bring in Wolverine so you can have a possible Wolverine X Spider-Man film that was rumored a while back. That one is less likely I know but a man can dream can't he? She-Hulk is in the story, have her be introduced and make her an insurgency player. This could be the perfect way to expand the Marvel Universe big time.


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