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In response to my Walking Dead recap yesterday, some of you pointed out that the walker Carol dispatched on the train tracks near Terminus had more than a passing resemblance to fan-unfavorite Andrea.

As Carol approached to put a knife in the rotting head of this rotter, the camera lingered on the handcuffs before taking in the dirty blond hair and torn clothes:

The resemblance is kinda striking
The resemblance is kinda striking

I must admit at first glance the similarity between this flesh eater and Andrea is uncanny. Andrea shot herself in the face and this walker also has a wound consistent with being shot in the head. But is this really the reanimated corpse of the blond procrastinator?

Let's examine the evidence for ourselves

The clothes

Here's what Andrea was wearing moments before she died in the Governor's torture room. Note the striped top, shirt and jeans:

And this is the walker Carol dispatched in Season 5.

There's no doubting the outfits on both are pretty similar, and the fact the handcuffs are so prevalent is also interesting.

But this is now when the theory starts to fall apart.

Too many inconstancies

When Andrea fought valiantly, but ultimately unsuccessfully, against a reanimated Milton at the end of Season 3, she did so without any shoes on, using her bare feet to try and pick up a pair of pliers to aid her self-defense.

It was excruciating to watch, and not in a good way
It was excruciating to watch, and not in a good way

However, the walker that Carol dispatched was wearing boots. I guess it's possible that Andrea could have put on some footwear before shooting herself, although it's hard to see why.

Also, Michonne was present during Andrea's final moments and witnessed her put a bullet in her own head, before her body was taken back to the prison and buried. How would it have been possible for Andrea to miss her own head and then reanimate in the prison grounds without anyone noticing?

I have three possible theories:

1) This blond, handcuffed walker was not really Andrea but was just a cool nod/easter egg to her from the show's writers.

2) The walker had nothing to do with Andrea. Perhaps it was someone who had previously escaped Terminus?

3) It has something to do with the people who took Beth.

What do you guys think?


Was this walker Andrea?


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