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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

I'm a huge horror fan but I don't know if I could handle this extreme Haunted House.

That's because McKamey Manor is less your regular Haunted House attraction than an intense, horrifying house of torture and terror.

Russ McKamey runs the house of horrors and get this: you have to be at least 21 and sign a legal waiver before you commit to the 4 - 7 hours of terror. SEVEN HOURS? Seven hours...of this...

Entrapment in a blood-spattered refrigerator

Lights are shone into your eyes in the darkness, while strangers shout things at you. Things like, 'Nobody's coming to save you. You're all alone.'

Gross stuff is put in your mouth

It's not like you can move because your head is fastened still inside a cage. A head-box like Czech serial killer Hubert Pilčík used to muffle the screams of his victims.

You'll be drenched in blood and pushed around

The actors can do basically anything they want to you, provided it's not illegal. Scaring people stupid, inflicting terror, and exploiting people's deepest, darkest fears are not crimes, remember...

Masked figures stalk, harass, and abuse you

Yup, I don't know if I could handle this. It was scary enough facing down that guy in Manhunt.

You're strung up like cattle for slaughter

I'm having so many flashbacks to Wolf Creek and Ed Gein right now...

Here's the full promo. Get scared.

Would you enter McKamey Manor? I love the idea of it but just don't know if I could make it through without having a nervous collapse and some hooded figure having to call my Mom.

If you think you can actually handle it, apply for entry here...


Would you take a trip through McKamey Manor?


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