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Prepare to get swept up on a magic carpet ride of pure nostalgia because the woman behind Disney's Princess Jasmine is still showing off her soaring vocal talent 22 years later!

If you can listen to this brand new performance from Lea Salonga without being enveloped by warm feelings of romance and shining, shimmering splendour, you've either never seen Aladdin, or alternatively, have no soul.

So, cast yourself back to the most romantic balcony scene since Romeo and Juliet and prepare to relive one of the most magical moments in Disney history.

If you feel like a sing-along, you can remind yourself of the lyrics HERE before you hit play!

Hearing Jasmine's voice soaring from a real life woman is quite surreal, but even my cold, cynical soul had genuine butterflies during the iconic chorus.

Oh, and if Lea Salonga's voice reminds you of another Disney princess, you have the ear of a true fan. Along with singing for Princess Jasmine, this heavenly singer also stretched her vocal cords for Mulan.

If you're curious about what the voice of Aladdin looks like, here's an adorable shot of Salonga alongside Brad Kane during the recording of "A Whole New World".

Doesn't the world seem like a wondrous place now?


Is 'A Whole New World' your favorite Disney song?

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