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So, Gotham episode 4 has been and gone, and it was...a little lighter in Easter eggs than usual. Never fear, though, because not only were there a few awesome surprises hiding among the constant, constant murders, but the show's creators may also just have announced something big enough to overshadow them, anyhow.

Specifically, that two classic Bat-characters will be appearing on the show in the near future.


Seen here shooting up the place.
Seen here shooting up the place.

Actor Sean Pertwee (who plays Alfred on the show) revealed the first - noted Bruce Wayne nemesis Tommy Elliot, who went on to become a super-villain (and star of the acclaimed and epnonymous comic-book arc) named Hush.

The villain - who orchestrated an incredibly complicated scheme to destroy Batman - is reportedly set to appear as an Easter egg in the near future. Seeing as he started out as a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne, however, it seems entirely possible that the character could well continue on in the series should the show's creators decide that Bruce needs something to do other than sit at home not quite being Batman yet.

The other character we're about to see may, in fact, be even more intriguing - as it's...

Leslie Thompkins

Seen here, only encouraging the boy.
Seen here, only encouraging the boy.

A key player in the comic-book Batman mythos - and a colleague and close friend of Thomas Wayne, Bruce's father, Thompkins was a close ally of both Bruce and Jim Gordon in the comics, and in many ways acted as the young Wayne's conscience. There's no word yet on casting - though Gotham exec-producer Danny Cannon suggests it'll come this week - but whoever takes on the role could well find themselves with a substantial part to play. After all, she could well be intended to provide a very much necessary less violent counterpoint to Gordon's well-meaning constant shooting of people. In which case, she could stick around for a long time.

In the meantime, though, while we're waiting for those two to appear, here are some of our favorite Easter eggs and references in Gotham's fourth episode, 'Arkham:'

The Penguin, Waddling

And what a waddle!

The Riddler, Riddling Again

Only this time, it was technically a paradox. Which means he's definitely gone to the trouble of buying a Thesaurus.

A New Detective!

Namely Carlos Alvarez, who's also appeared in the recent New 52 run of Catwoman. Now just to see if he ever appears again...

Arkham City Lives!

Which means all those hours we spent playing Batman: Arkham City were not only not wasted, but totally helped to set up a major plot thread in Gotham. Sort of.

Jim Gordon Goes All Columbo

Sure, it's not technically a DC Easter egg, but the man clearly learned his detective skills from the legendary schlubby TV sleuth.

Arkham Asylum Gets Gloomy

And, with the episode's conclusion confirming that it'll survive in more or less its current form, we ought to see a lot more violence before the series is done.

Speaking of Deaths...

...we weren't kidding around earlier when we said that Gordon is constantly shooting people. I mean, I know Gotham is a rough place to live, but he and Bullock must be getting a serious reputation by now...

Plus, of course:

Bruce Wayne Gets Even Batman-ier

Bruce: "Do you believe Gotham can be saved?"

Gordon: "I believe it's worth trying."

Our bet is that young master Wayne'll find a mysterious, bat-infested cave before the season's out...

And now? Now we just have to wait until next Monday for another dose of [Gotham](series:1127075)-y awesomeness...


What do you guys think? What are you most excited about?



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