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In 1985, The Goonies was released and a worldwide phenomenon was born. It had everything: crazy action sequences, cute bromance, and Chunk. Oh, Chunk. He was the rotund kid who fought depression with whipped cream in a can and graced us with the truffle shuffle:

Chunk was played by Jeff Cohen, a kid so cool even MJ was lining up to meet him.


We've seen what happened to "Data" (Jonathan Ke Quan) since The Goonies came out. But what became of Jeff Cohen?

After The Goonies wrapped in 1985, Cohen had guest spots on Family Ties and Amazing Stories, as well as voicing Grunt in Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School. His last acting job was in 1991 in a Civil Rights drama called Perfect Harmony.

Since then, well...take a look for yourself!

Yes, that's really the same person on the right.

Cohen was sick of being teased about his weight and decided to take up football, which caused pretty dramatic weight loss. He continued playing at UC Berkeley, where he studied Business Administration and used the tagline "Vote for Chunk" to win the election for President of Associated Students.

Cohen went on to study law at UCLA, before co-founding his own firm in Beverly Hills specializing in entertainment law called Cohen & Gardner. He still talks about his Goonies days, though his website asks you not to hold his role as Chunk against him.

So will he ever return to acting? Cohen seems to have other plans:

I have a tremendous respect for my acting clients...but I am happy and I love being behind the scenes. That’s where I belong.

Well...let's face it: I'm not sure he could ever top Chunk.


Would you hire Jeff Cohen as your lawyer?


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