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Uncharted 4 Release Date?

I can feel it. Solid news concerning Uncharted 4 is surely only a matter of weeks away! The trailers we've received and concept art are simply too teasing and Naughty Dog knows that we need something concrete soon. But what will the next announcement feature?

As they have been known to do, rumours have been circulating the Internet regarding an Uncharted 4 Release Date, when in actual fact we know very little about the possible final instalment of the Uncharted series. 2015 is definitely the year that Naughty Dog will be releasing their latest Nathan Drake game, but what are all of the other details that we can pull together from gaming conferences and Trailers?

The most recent interaction with Uncharted 4: Thief's End, that certain lucky fans were able to engage with was on October 12th at the Gallery Nucleus in Alhambra, CA, which was a free entry seminar celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the gaming company. The extremely exciting schedule for Naughty Dog's conference was as follows:

1:00 - 1:30pm – Panel with Naughty Dog Artists:
Frank Tzeng
Colin Thomas
Adam Scott
Soa Lee
Yibing Jiang
1:30 - 2:45pm - Character Modeling Demo (Naughty Dog)
2:45 - 4:00pm- 3D Printer demo (3D Systems/Gentle Giant)
4:30 - 5:15pm – Screening of 30th Anniversary Video
4:00 - 4:30pm- Q&A

What an incredible experience it must have been to sit in front of these guys and be shown how they are creating some of our favourite gaming characters on NextGen. Presumably they didn't reveal much about the game in their Q&A session seeing as we haven't really heard any additional news. But in the mean time let's take a look at what we have been shown!

Uncharted 4 concept art

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

These images give us a look at the surrounding area we saw Nathan arrive onto in the E3 trailer we received earlier this year. What do you think of how the new Uncharted looks, could it be a little too dark for the series or is it just a dark period in the game like the train wreck in Uncharted 2?

Uncharted 4
Uncharted 4

While I believe that The Last of Us is not only Naughty Dog's best game but one of the greatest games of our generation, Uncharted is a far lighter experience than the dark, brooding lands that Joel and Ellie traversed. Therefore, while it may still be amazing, I hope that the wit and blockbuster entertainment value doesn't leave in Uncharted 4.

Nathan Drake's new look

Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4
Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4

In this image we can see how Nathan will look on NextGen, though Sony confirmed that that the E3 trailer wasn't pre-rendered footage but was in fact captured in-game. The graphical rendering of this character has come a long way since the release of the initial Uncharted.

While we are set to explore the personality of Drake a lot more in Uncharted 4, with Naughty Dog's desire to test his convictions and devotions to the ones he loves, I just hope that he remains the sarcastic explorer that we know and love!

What do you think of Drake's new look and the style of the trailer we've received for Uncharted?


Do you think Uncharted looks too dark?


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