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Robert Downey Jr., doing press for his new movie [The Judge](movie:739892), has been giving Marvel fans mixed messages about Iron Man 4 - but his stance has finally come down to this: he will not do Iron Man 4, but he may well be involved with a number of future Marvel projects.

Yesterday, we learned what he had been hinting at. Robert Downey Jr. a.k.a. Tony Stark a.k.a. Iron Man WILL appear in [Captain America 3](movie:994409) - and that can only mean one thing: The Marvel / Avengers Civil War is ON!

There has been much discussion about that elsewhere, but one thing that has not (not yet) come up is:

The Avengers Civil War: What does this mean for Ant-Man!?

The Avengers Civil War splits the entire Marvel universe of superheroes into two sides, one that supports SHIELD and the superhero registration act, and the other that opposes it.

The Marvel Civil War comic is returning, too!
The Marvel Civil War comic is returning, too!

These two sides each have their leaders. Captain America, believing SHIELD's intervention to be an oppressive measure reminiscent of his experiences in 1940s Germany, leads the opposition. Tony Stark (who was never afraid to reveal his identity to the public anyway) co-leads the side supporting SHIELD. And who does he co-lead it with?

Hank Pym vs. Scott Lang: The Battle for Ant-Man

Of course, anyone who knows the Marvel Civil War well will have a major exception to the version of events I have outlined so far. The Ant-Man that sides with Tony Stark in the Civil War is not Scott Lang - the character played by Paul Rudd in the upcoming Ant-Man movie - but Hank Pym, who will be an old man in Ant-Man, played by Michael Douglas.

Scott Lang and Hank Pym are very different characters. Lang began life as a petty criminal, a burglar who first comes across the Ant-Man suit when he breaks into the old professor Hank Pym's house.

Hank Pym, however, is even less sympathetic. A grouchy man who is not afraid to hit a woman, as in this infamous comic panel:

Ant-Man Hank Pym hits Women
Ant-Man Hank Pym hits Women

Whether Scott Lang would join with the SHIELD establishment in the Avengers Civil War, then, is another matter entirely.

Will Ant-Man link into the Avengers or the Civil War?

The first Ant-Man director, Edgar Wright, famously stepped down from the project when Marvel tried to interfere too much with his vision for the project. As a result of this confusion, we still don't know too much about the upcoming Ant-Man movie.

One thing we do know, however, is that we will see the return of John Slattery as Howard Stark, father of Tony. The question that follows from this is: with the older Howard Stark and an older Hank Pym both featuring, are we seeing a connection between Ant-Man and Iron Man that could lead on to the events of the Civil War, or other of [The Avengers](movie:9040) movies?

What is Howard Stark doing in Ant-Man?
What is Howard Stark doing in Ant-Man?

So what do you think? Will Ant-Man play as big a role as he does in the comics in the Marvel Civil War, which may become the plot for Captain America 3? What is Howard Stark doing in Ant-Man?

Write in with your own thoughts and speculations below the line!


Will Ant-Man feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Civil War!?


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