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We're now so used to reading about The Walking Dead's consistent record-breaking efforts that it takes a monumental achievement to amaze us.

Well, sit back and prepare to be amazed because what the Season 5 premiere has achieved is breathtaking.

Sunday night's episode was the highest rated in series' history, bringing in a staggering 17.3 million viewers, 11 million of which were the much-coveted 18-49 category.

This is a 7% increase over the previous record holder, the Season 4 premiere.

For the purposes of clarity, this is a visualisation of what The Walking Dead is doing to its competitors, with the boot representing the AMC zompocalypse drama and the smashed head representing everything else:

TWD is winning at everything
TWD is winning at everything

What's more, these record-breaking ratings are only for live-plus-same day stats. Last season the show averaged 28 million weekly viewers once encores, DVR and additional platforms were taken into account, so by my exact mathematical calculations, the Season 5 premiere was actually seen by every single person in the US. Twice.

And boy, were we served up a treat.

There was cold-blooded culling:

He dead
He dead

Sage advice


And MacGyver-style explosions


I can't wait to see what the next episode brings.


Are you surprised TWD continues to break records?

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