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Prior to last weekend's premiere of The Walking Dead Season 5, AMC decided to infect their entire schedule with a rerun of all 51 episodes of the popular zombie smashing series.

I'm sure many of you dipped in and out of proceedings, but I can imagine only a dedicated (and insomnia-suffering) minority managed to catch it all. However, a German couple did manage it, and watched all four seasons of the show in one massive binge session.

Their marathon was filmed as part of an advertising campaign for FOX (which apparently air The Walking Dead in Europe) and although they do speak German, their reactions of "Scheisse!", "Yay!" and "Oh mein Gott!" surely extend across language barriers. Take a look below:

Everybody is talking about Binge Watching. For the first time a video shows what it looks like when a couple – that hasn’t seen The Walking Dead before - is watching ALL episodes of the series in one sitting. 51 episodes of seasons 1 to 4 in 2,5 days! The only break the couple could take was a sleeping pause. Our cameras were on at all time. Even at night. The world’s first binge selfie shows 51 episodes in time lapse mode.

Which TV or film series have you binge watched in one sitting?


Binge watching all of The Walking Dead sounds...

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