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Jess O'Kane

The Penguins of Madagascar is one of the biggest animated releases this year, with an all-star cast lending their vocal talents to the four masters of espionage (naaht).

Featuring dramatic heavyweights like Benedict Cumberbatch and none other than John Malkovich (!), DreamWorks are certainly bringing in the big guns for the adaptation, which follows an animated series focusing on the penguins by the same name. Oh, and did I mention Werner Herzog is narrating? Really.

The movie sees the penguins join The North Wind, a secret organization headed by a wolf named Classified (Cumberbatch) as they try and stop a nefarious octopus from taking over the world (Malkovich).

A new four minute clip released from the movie is pretty promising, with a genuine comic punch, clever gags, and some excellent voice work. It seems to be from the beginning of the movie, where a film crew are admiring the penguins while they do some amusing things off camera.

Check it out below!


Will Penguins of Madagascar be good?


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