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If you've managed to counteract your poodle hair with the voice of an angel and hilarious wit on Twitter then then take heart because you too could nab yourself a girlfriend as gorgeous as Kat Denning!

Josh Groban and Kat Denning officially stepped out as a couple at a charity event in Beverly Hills, and they looked totally loved up and adorable while they did it.

According to E! News, the new love birds were bringing the PDA action to the red carpet and smiles to each others faces. The online gossip rag wrote that:

They were so cute together! They were adorable on the carpet. She was whispering in his ear a lot and they seemed really happy

Groban and Denning weren't content to just demonstrate their love in the flash though, the pair also threw some adorable images onto social media for good measure.

The following photo on Kat Denning's Instagram account was accompanied by the simple caption:

I ship it.

Groban had clearly been paying attention, because the next day he threw out the following Tweet referencing the post:

Who said romance is dead!?


Kat Denning and Josh Groban?

(Source: Hollywood Life)


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