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Have you ever spent a few months wearing a paper bag on your head, disrupting cabaret performances and chasing the homeless? Take a leaf out of Shia LaBeouf's book and blame it on an 'existential crisis' and it will all be fine!

The troubled star crammed two fistfulls of meds down his neck and appeared on Ellen to promote his new movie, [Fury](movie:866294), and the 28-year-old actor revealed that his bizarre behavior was due to some sort of mental breakdown.

Although it's been well documented that the star undertook AA treatment for alcoholism, LaBeouf claimed it was 24 hours in a cell that really sorted him out. The actor explained that:

They put a ‘Hannibal’ mask on me and a lead jacket. It was really rough."

Before needlessly adding that it was the:

Worst time… and quite scary

So, there you have it, if you happen to be an insane celebrity, jail totally works...Unless you're Lidnsay Lohan. Then you're screwed.


Do you think we will be seeing any more of insane Shia LaBeouf

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