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You know when kids in high school tease each other to hide their feelings from one another? It looks like this kind of dynamic might be playing out with Damon and Bonnie!

Now that the pair are isolated from everyone else, it seems like they might go even further than just tolerating each other and those Bamon rumors seem a little less far fetched than they once did...

Watch the brand new web clip below and tell me there's no chemistry between these two!

After seeing how Elena is dealing with the loss of her significant other, I can't help but feel that Damon and Bonnie deserve some comfort while they are trapped together. Their memories are hardly being honored, so why should they respect the past?

Besides, it would be interesting to see Bonnie do something that was so generous and self sacrificing for once.

I mean, when you have given up hope on somebody and erased all of the loving memories you had toward them, do you really deserve to be together?

Even if Bamon does happen, surely the fragile dynamic between these two has no chance of surviving in the real world?


Do you think Bamon might actually happen?

(Source: Wet Paint)


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