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Coherence is perhaps one of the most original and captivating science-fiction films of recent times. With a huge simplicity but a very engaging atmosphere, can completely absorb the viewer into it.

The film is set during one night, when a group of friends gets together for dinner. That same night, a comet will pass very close to Earth. Since one purpose of the dinner would also be attending this event, some theories about strange and inexplicable events about comets come to the table during dinner. What is certain is that while they are just quietly enjoy a nice night, strange things start happening, causing panic and paranoia in all the elements present in the house.

With a very low budget and filmed in documentary style, Coherence has a concept that will confuse our mind completely, as you were one of the characters of the story. You begin to question why all events and that is what makes it so good. The interest that can have on the viewer is huge and you can not take off your eyes from the screen. We try to put all the pieces of the puzzle, such as the characters, these pieces will make you go round and round in the search of an answer.

The dialogue is very dynamic and interesting, and the performances of the actors are very natural which makes it even more credible, even with such a strange story.

Coherence is a film that will confuse your mind and make you feel like you are in the place of one of those characters. The end is perfect for this story and the best of all is the mysterious feeling that continues in the air even after the credits begin to roll.

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