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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Sons of Anarchy Episode 6, 'Smoke 'em if You got 'em' followed the Season 7 pattern - slow burn before a massacre...

Let's have a look at the Episode 6 Recap!

DEATH COUNT: 10 - SAMCRO take down the Marks' crew

How This S**t Went Down

Jax is neck deep in gang deals

OK, so Jax makes peace with the Mayans by offering them a portion of the AB prison trade, slaughtering 10 of Marks' loyals to appease both sides.


Gemma's lie spirals out of control

Yay, Gemma's alive! But NOT yay, still talking to herself. Also, now she even has to tell Jarry her 'Lin killed Tara' lie. I was actually quite surprised by how upset she was when Nero told her Juice is with Jax - Gemma looked truly vulnerable for one of the first times ever.


Juice screws up, big time

Approaching the Mayans was not the wisest move. Alvarez not only turns him over to Jax, but beats him up for good measure. But will Juice squeal on Gemma before he squeals no more?


Most Awesome Quotes


My Favorite Part: the good old fashioned fist-fight between SAMCRO & AB.

Music Featured: 'Somebody New' - Misisipi Mike Wolf & the Midnight Gamblers, 'How Many Women' - Lydia Loveless

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Is Juice gonna get killed in the next episode of Sons of Anarchy?


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