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Is Fallout 4 even being considered by Bethesda?

The answer is: we simply don't know. Video game fans are loosing their minds over the maintenance of silence on behalf of Bethesda Studios. They have ensured us that all rumors and unofficial released information is to be completely ignored. They seem to rather irritated by the constant flood of requests and verbal attacks concerning Fallout 4 from fans.

Players have created petitions online for details, have attempted to bribe Bethesda with money in order to receive information and have even attempted to corrupt members of staff in order to get their hands on the release date or an early copy of the game (early copy?? Calm down man, we have no idea if they're even making it!). So yeah, we're pretty excited about this game. What can we say? Fallout 3 was amazing, you shouldn't have made such a good game!

You know, we've even heard rumors that all of the leaks of information and updates and fake announcements were actually orchestrated by Bethesda...I think we're all becoming very paranoid about Fallout 4. Though one of the voice actors, Erik Todd Dellums, who voiced Three Dog in Fallout 3, has been doing interviews as of late and has been shamelessly dropping hints concerning a new game.

He has said that his character will be returning in the future and that Bethesda told him to "tell his friends" about it! By friends they obviously meant the internet, which means that Bethesda could in fact be fueling the fire here!

So, unfortunately no. I ain't gonna sugar coat it. We have no real news about Fallout 4. But what we do have are what people would like to see in the next game and some of the ideas that players and I have for Fallout 4!

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What we want from Bethesda!

A beautiful NextGen city for Fallout 4!
A beautiful NextGen city for Fallout 4!

Well for starters we'd like Fallout 4, why don't we start there? Maybe they could grant this request first and consider the rest later. Anyway, moving on!

Epic Battles!

Fallout 3 featured a variety of factions all at war with one another, but one thing it failed to do was give the fight scenes a sense of scale. With such an enormous world and so many people looking to compete, we'd love to see an updated scale in battles with possible inclusions of more factions! NextGen consoles will surely allow for more bodies on screen so let's have as many as you can manage Bethesda!

Improved Crafting System!

I don't know about you guys but I for one never even needed to use the crafting system at all, and in a world like Fallout surely that's a vital aspect of survival. Therefore, some increased reliance upon crafting and some additional capabilities would be awesome! We are in a world where we need to stick pieces of scrap together so let us feel closer to that world.

Livelier Cities!

Great juxtaposition huh?
Great juxtaposition huh?

Thinking back on Megaton, that place was destitute. Sure, I know its an apocalyptic world but with a new engine we'd love to see some massively populated cities in which we can explore and engage in a variety of side quests. The cities should feel like they are lived in, for the Wastelands are the places that should be barren. People would flock to cities in times like this.

Multiple Quest Routes (but No Driving Routes)!

In a world like Fallout, anything can happen and we'd love to see that reflected in the missions even more than before! We want to be able to control the way in which our character can interact with missions and how he can approach them, rather than just being able to accept or refuse them.

Remember in Fallout 3 how we got to choose whether to save Megaton or not? Give us more of that! That's an exhilarating moment in which the player must analyse how they wished to continue and be seen in this hostile world.

Also no cars. I know this would seem cool if they made a big enough world to drive around in, but I found that Fallout 3's way of navigating the land was far superior to having the Highwayman in Fallout 2 (just me?). It's all about ambling through the Wasteland and discovering new creatures and places of interest by foot, besides we can always fast travel if need be!

Survival Mode!

Survive the wasteland in Fallout 4!
Survive the wasteland in Fallout 4!

Fallout New Vegas made an attempt at a hardcore mode, placing an emphasis on survival, in which players would suffer from dehydration, starvation and exhaustion. The purpose was to test the players ability to survive in the harsh conditions of the Mojave wastelands, and while it was a fair attempt, it simply did not go far enough.

Imagine an optional mode in which a player must set up his own camps, ensure that any disease is prevented, search for food and fresh water and keep you ammunition stocked up and weapons clean. This style of gameplay fits perfectly into the world of Fallout and we'd love to see it back in full glory mode for Fallout 4!

New Graphics and New Engine!

This goes without saying, really. We want Fallout 4 to be built on a brand new engine and not desperately trying to suck everything out of previous engines like we've seen in the past. We want the game to push the PS4 and Xbox One (and PC of course) to the edge of their capabilities!

And finally I'd love to see some kind of co-op. The campaign may suffer if you have the option for a buddy to drop in and out whenever you please, but I'd be interested in seeing this land traversed with a friend.

So, that's it from me, but what would you guys like to see in Fallout 4? Let me know in the comments!


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