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In a recent article in Variety magazine, in 2016 RDJ is reported to be the antagonist in Captain America 3 as the Superhero Registration Act is coming into play and our guys are made to take sides..

So, as most fans of Marvel comics know, this is the beginning of Marvel's Civil War.

Now, the biggest problem with this story line is the ownership and inclusion of Spider-Man because he is THE key figure in the whole story. However, my point is this: We have not been introduced to enough characters in the Marvel universe yet to fill out the HUGE roster of this movie.

In order for Civil War to have the weight and importance in the movies like it did in the comics, we are going to have to be introduced to a whole bunch of heroes and villains before Avengers 3: Civil War..

My hopes are that the Civil War story will crossover all Marvel universe titles.. including the upcoming Netflix series and SHIELD. If they use ALL of their resources, it would be possible to introduce us to most of the HUGE cast that makes up the Civil War story.

Marvels Civil War was one of my favorite story lines since House of M. I just want to have it done well and as close to the original as possible. (like most comic fans).

Fingers Crossed..


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