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The buzz surrounding The Flash TV show is real! Marvel may have the blockbuster movies locked down, but DC is quietly doing VERY well on TV. From Arrow growing in popularity, [Gotham](series:1127075) successfully launching, and now The Flash, they're a formidable force on the small screen. The [Arrow](series:720988) spinoff has been highly anticipated during its development. And now, it boasts the numbers to back up all the hype.

According to Deadline, The Flash has become The CW's most watched premiere EVER after Live +3 ratings came through. That means if you include the live showing of the pilot and 3 days of DVR recorded "watches," no show has done better for The CW in its time as a network in its pilot episode. The fact that the DVR watches are so high proves that the show is compelling... one could only imagine that viewers' strong recommendations led people to tune in to the pilot after the fact.

6.42 million people watched me. Whoa!
6.42 million people watched me. Whoa!

So, how many people tuned in? 6.42 MILLION watched the premiere within that 3-day period.

So, I guess you could say, [The Flash](movie:15273) is off to a fast start...

Get it? GET IT? I'll be here all week.

The Flash airs on the CW on Tuesdays at 8/7c. And while there's no guarantee that they'll be able to sustain these numbers, this only bodes well for the show's popularity and success!

Did you check it out? Do you think it can continue to be a success? Let me know what you thought!


Did you watch The Flash?


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