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The upcoming NBC series ‘Constantine’ had a real presence at New York Comic Con with a panel and screening of the new pilot episode. This show adapts the classic Vertigo series ‘Hellblazer’ and debuts October 24th. At NYCC we had the opportunity to chat a bit with Matt Ryan, Angélica Celaya and Executive Producer David S. Goyer.

Geeked Out Nation: Hellblazer was a very long running series and Constantine has his own series in the New 52. When you got the part of Zed, how many back issue did you read to catch up on who she is?

Angélica Celaya: They gave me volumes of Hellblazer and it was “here you go, this is Zed” and I stayed in instead of having a Saturday night with my friends and I stayed in with the bad boys of Hellblazer and it knocked my socks off. That’s where I got the sarcasm and my understanding of her. It was like “oh I see you”.

GON: How long have you been filming and without spoiling too much, do you have a favorite moment of your time as Zed yet?

AC: We’ve been filming since July. We’re so eager for October 24th to come! Favorite moment, favorite moment. It’s a moment between John and Zed on the couch in the mill house and it’s our first moment where we’re real with each other. We’re not sarcastic, I’m not being a bitch, I’m not rough, I have no walls around me and I am what I am. That’s my favorite moment because it’s the real Zed. It’s not a facade that she puts out there so she can hide.

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