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We are 17 months away from Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, so really with all these rumours going around we shouldn't be believing nothing until official confirmations. Some big news has hit the web with Marvel but today I want to talk about the three main hero characters from Dawn of Justice. Well what I want to see from them in the movie. Of course Wonder Woman most likely will be a secondary character to the movie (bit like [Black Widow](movie:1070824) in Iron Man 2) so I won't expect as much from her.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman artwork
Wonder Woman artwork

So I'll begin with [Wonder Woman](movie:45787) as official news has come to light about her character. It's being said that their going with the New 52 origin where her father was Zeus. Im cool with this news but the real talk here is what I'd like to see from her.

Now I know a lot of people are bashing Gal Gadot but lets just wait until the film comes out before we judge her. Im liking the costume and I know there are people out there that wanted the more classic look, but I think some of you people need to realise that if you were to bring a goddess warrior into the real world they would not be wearing bright blue, star pattered underwear. It's likely the red and blue is brighter on Wonder Woman's costume in the movie but obviously the filters Snyder used made the picture darker.

Now what I really want to see from Wonder Woman in this movie and future movies is her kicking ass. I want them to go all out with her, show her as the powerful warrior she is. Snyder didn't hold back with the Kryptonian's in Man of Steel, so there's no reason why Wonder Woman shouldn't be shown to her full potential. Maybe not as much in Dawn of Justice, but in the Justice League movie and her own standalone I want to see her fighting at her best. I know Gadot hasn't got much acting experience when it comes to hollywood movies, but if she can pull of the right attitude of the Amazonian goddess and be able to kick ass alongside Superman, then were good.


Batman (The Dark Knight Returns movie)
Batman (The Dark Knight Returns movie)

We've seen many Batman's over the decades and at last we are finally seeing a live-action Batman in the same world as Superman. After seeing the way Captain America fought the Winter Soldier in the recent Marvel movie I have realised that it's actually disappointing we haven't seen Batman fight like that. Now we'll never see an actor learn 127 forms of martial arts to play Batman, but we could at least get someone who is fast and knows more than just a few elbow moves. I liked Bales fighting moves in TDK trilogy but there just wasn't much movement or speed. The worrying thing is with Ben Affleck being an older Batman this likely means we won't see the speed Chris Evan's pulled off in The Winter Solider. However that doesn't mean we can't see a tuff and ruthless Batman. With The Dark Knight Returns being the inspiration for Batman in the upcoming movie I'd like to see Affleck fight the way that version of the character did. Batman may have not had the speed he had in his prime years during TDKR story arc but he still had the intelligence of a skilled fighter. My main example for this would be the second fight Batman had with the mutant leader. He knew the human body and could locate the weak spots. Like cutting the mutant leaders forehead which bleed out and distracted him. Then hitting a nerve in his arm which practically paralysed it for the time being. You know I liked seeing Batman get beaten up by Bane in The Dark Knight Rise but it was like Batman had completely forgotten all his training. I know he was weaker at that time in the movie but still, some would say 'was this guy really trained by Ras al Ghul'.

Apart from the fighting I would also like to see the real master detective. I want someone that you can tell has passed multiple master degrees in science and criminology. What we've seen with Keaton and Bale is good, but not good enough for Batman standards.

Not really much else that needs to be said regarding Batman. I have confidence in Ben Affleck pulling off the role as Bruce Wayne and Batman. Lets just hope he has a decent Bat-voice. I can put up with his own voice when it comes to Bruce Wayne but we need something different when he's got the suit on. But not something as far as Bale's voice.


Superman artwork
Superman artwork

Now I really liked Cavil as Kal-El/Superman but in this movie we need more development on the Clark Kent side of the character. This is really a job for the screenwriter to pull off and hopefully we'll get some better dialogue in this movie. David S. Goyer isn't bad when it comes to DC story telling but he is not very good with dialogue. Good thing we got an award-winning screenwriter to re-write the script. So hopefully we'll get some better dialogue in this movie and some more character development. Especially when it comes to Clark's relationship with Lois.

Also Im one of those people who defends Superman when it comes to the events in Man of Steel. A lot of you say it was Superman's fault for the destruction and that he didn't deal with things very well. All I have to say is welcome to the world of powerful foes. It was Kal-El's second day as Superman and he was faced with Kryptonian's who had the same powers as him and possessing a world engine. And if you think that's the worst that could happen then you truly don't know villains like Doomsday and Darkseid. Around 20% of Metropolis was destroyed in [Man of Steel](movie:15593) and thousands of people died. But then billions of lives were saved. Superman can't save everyone especially when he faces threats like Zod, and if this were in our world loads of people would still have died. People will always die in events like this and just because Superman's around, doesn't mean he can save everyone. But then saying all that this doesn't mean we can't see Superman develop. Kal is still a young Superman so he's still learning, which would be good to see him develop on in Dawn of Justice. Maybe by the end of the movie when Supes and Bats are all good we could see Bruce giving Kal a few lessons. Or maybe Wonder Woman could train Superman in certain ways like she did with SuperGirl in the Apocalypse story.

So there's what I'd like to see from the main hero based characters in [Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice](movie:711870). If you agree with what I've said then thats awesome, if not then thats your word of say. Share your opinions in the comment section below.


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