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Ryan Deville

So my fellow JLA fans, here is a bombshell for you, [Justice League](movie:401267): Mortal is coming to life. The rumors have been swirling around the community for years now. People have speculated and grown fond of the possibility of a movie of such epic proportions. It was so close to production we could taste it, and man did it taste sweet. Of course the writer’s strike went into effect, and the awesomeness of this never to be made masterpiece, fell by the wayside. Well I am here to tell you brothers and sisters of the cape, that we shall have our film!!! Fans from all over the globe are joining forces to embark on a Fan Made Film in the likes of which no man, woman, or beast have ever laid eyes on before.

So, who are our Heroes striving to make this dream a reality for us??? GG13 PRODUCTIONS, The Southern Sykos, and Walter C. Jones (Creator of SUPERGIRL: STRANGER IN A STRANGE LAND). If you have not checked it out I highly recommend it! It didn’t win awards by not being out of this world amazing.

According to Dusty Austin from GG13 PRODUCTIONS, “The plan is to make a trailer first then get funding. Once we have people on board we will start production immediately.”

Jack Hunter of Southern Sykos, and a very good friend of mine is on record stating “This movie will be what fans have always wanted. We want to give back to the fans what was taken away from them. How amazing is it, that fans will be making the biggest fan film to date that could possibly get distribution?”

Well boys and girls, the roles have been casted and if you are dying to see who they are come check them out here!


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