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Oh Marvel, you seductive little sea dog you. Just when we think you're not listening to us, you go and buy us the best damn anniversary present we could ever ask for! That's right Marvel fans, it seems that those theories were right! Marvel is indeed heading towards the Civil War story-line made famous by the 'Civil War' comics. Now like I said, they haven't straight up announced it yet, but they haven't denied it either. Plus, just look at the evidence! What's that? What evidence you say? HAHA! I'm glad you asked!

1. RDJ is joining Cap 3!!!!

The first piece of evidence is that Robert Downey Jr. of Iron Man fame is negotiations to join the cast of Captain America 3. He will of course be reprising his role as billionaire/philanthropist/superhero Tony Stark and is reportedly going to be getting into some conflict with Steve Rogers himself. The two will apparently come to blows over their view on the Superhero Registration Act. Tony supports the Act, but Cap doesn't it. He believes it to be a violation of their rights and securities. If this is true, then the Civil War is most certainly coming.

2. RDJ might have confirmed it already.

So remember that interview on Ellen that Robert Downey Jr. had? The one where he pretty much straight up confirmed Iron Man 4? Everyone was so stoked that he would be returning! Now remember when he tried to redact his words and change them up a bit? Saying that he was still doing things with Marvel, and that they were going to keep him for awhile? Everyone was a little confused. Would RDJ really return for an Iron Man 4? Or would he become a simple cameo piece, popping in and out of his respective superhero buddies movies? Well, I don't know about Iron Man 4, but perhaps he was foreshadowing a different kind of appearance. His one in Cap 3, maybe? When you think about it, it sort of makes sense. People were throwing theories about the Civil War left and right. Maybe Marvel heard these theories and was afraid that hype for the Civil War movie would go from "OH MY GOSH YES THANK YOU JESUS LORD YESSSS!!" to "Eh, we already predicted this." Though in all honesty, even if we had predicted everything correctly, the first reaction would still stand. SO let's say they did hear the theories and were afraid the hype train would lose some passengers, they obviously needed someone to throw the theorists off. so they called in good old Robert Downey Jr. and told him to talk about some Iron Man 4 stuff. But once that got everyone's attention, he crashed the Iron Man 4 train into the station, leaving everyone with a feeling of "I'm not sure what to believe right now."

3. We've already seen Cap's reasoning for the Civil War.

If you haven't seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier, then I suggest you turn away as this will spoil it for you.

In Cap 2, we see the return of Cap's friend Bucky. Now he's the badass Winter Soldier, fighting against Cap and S.H.I.E.L.D. We also get a pretty big reveal, tons of S.H.I.E.L.D agents are actually Hydra spies! Turns out Hydra never really disappeared, they were simply hiding right under the nose of their enemies. HOLY DRAMATIC REVEAL BATMAN! Now, Steve already distrusted S.H.I.E.L.D as seen in 'The Avengers', so you can imagine his attitude towards them once he found out that hundreds of them were actually Hydra spies.

Pictured: Cap's "Calm before the storm" face.
Pictured: Cap's "Calm before the storm" face.

Captain America's distrust for S.H.I.E.L.D and the government in general can be traced back to his old-timey roots. Cap was frozen during WWII, back when the american government wasn't like it is today, so you can imagine he's having a little trouble adjusting to this new-age government. He simply doesn't agree with them. His views are different—he believes in truth, justice, and the real american way! S.H.I.E.L.D and the government believe in highly dangerous weapons of mass deconstruction and power in order to defeat their enemies. Cap hates that, because that's what Hydra was basically about when he was knocking their heads together back in WWII. Basically he's your Grandpa that starts every sentence with "Back in my day".

Back in my day we didn't have fancy electricity!
Back in my day we didn't have fancy electricity!

So with this hatred for today's government, it's obvious where Cap stands on the Superhero Registration Act already.

4. We've already seen Iron Man's reasoning tons of times!

Iron Man supports the Act, and for a reason. You see, the Superhero Registration Act was made because of countless situations and altercations that ended in death. If we look back at the MCU movies, TONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE HAVE DIED HORRIBLE DEATHS. Come on, did you really think that not one person died during Iron Man 1 or 2 while Tony and his enemy were fighting? Or how about in 3? All those shadows of disintegrated people on the walls? That wasn't just simply forgotten! Or in Incredible Hulk, when Hulk and Abomination were crashing into cars and buildings trying to kill each other. Then there's Avengers, I am so positive that tons of people died during the battle of New York! And now we have 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', set to release in 2015. So we've got the Avengers, with their roster being added upon with the addition of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, and we've got an army. YES AN ARMY OF ULTRONS! All bent on completely "murderizing" the Avengers. You're telling me not a single citizen is going to die during this movie?! Point is, the body count keeps on growing. They may not show it, but it happens. Countless people dying because of his and the others actions will cause Tony Stark to side with the Act during the Civil War.

5. This a perfect way to introduce Spider-Man and the other Superheroes.

So you've probably heard of the rumors that Sony and Marvel are in talks to allow Spider-Man to show up in MCU films. I think we can all agree that the 'Civil War' would be a perfect way to introduce Spidey should this deal go down successfully. In fact, it would be the perfect way to introduce any other heroes Marvel plans on incorporating in to the MCU. Let's be honest, Marvel can't just keep introducing heroes the way they do. It just won't simply be enough to have another character like Nick Fury or Agent Coulson to go "We're going to need some help fighting this villain. Good thing I have this contact who's been keeping tabs on an African Prince in a country known as Wakanda. Heard of him?" Sure it would make every fangirl and fanboy squeal with delight, but eventually the other heroes are going to look at Nick and say "WHY DIDN'T WE ASK HIM FOR HELP BEFORE?!" Which will open up the question "Why didn't he just help before?!" Seriously, with all these heroes in the Marvel universe, you would think at least a handful of them would come and help. I mean if the Battle of New York or the Age of Ultron doesn't draw them in, what will? Answer: A Civil War. I don't know the reasoning for the other heroes not helping, maybe some don't trust the Avengers and S.H.I.E.L.D. Maybe some think that the Avengers can handle it. And maybe some just want to be left alone, preferring to do things solo style! Whatever reason, when every hero hears of the Superhero Registration Act, they will be flocking to S.H.I.E.L.D and the government to either support it or complain about it. We would see the SRA not only affect them in any crossover movies, but in their solo movies as well. Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, Daredevil and Luke Kage. Them and tons of other heroes are going to choose their side and see their lives affected by this new Act.

6. It's the perfect way to end RDJ and Chris Evan's contracts

The Civil War is most likely not going to be compressed into one movie. It's imply not possible for Marvel to do that. So much information and events would be left out, leaving many fans disappointed. So it's safe to say that the Civil War will be a prominent plot in the MCU spanning across tons of movies. First will come the introduction, then the escalation and war! And then the end. So what of Cap and Iron Man though? After all, there contracts are almost up and neither seem too eager to return. Well this Civil War story is perfect for them then. Firstly, after Cap 3 and (maybe) Iron Man 4, they probably won't be getting anymore standalone movies. But this doesn't mean they can't pop in and out for some cameo time, especially to help introduce and start the Civil War. Once the war happens Marvel can do two things. They can wait until the war is over and have Cap and Iron Man retire from the superhero business (After all they've been thorough plus the stuff they'll go through during Civil War, they deserve it), or they can do what all of us dread, and have Cap and Iron Man killed off during the war. Though this would be an outstanding way to kill them, in the heat of battle, It would seriously break our hearts to see them gone for good. Especially after spending so much time with them over the years. After all, they are the pillars that helped build the foundation of the MCU!

So what do you think of the MCU Civil War?


What do you think of the MCU CW?

Also, out of curiosity, Who do you side with in the SRA


Who do you side with?


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