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What? There is no CRAVE article today? Sadly, no, but don't worry I'm working on the 24th CRAVE article: The Thor Characters we CRAVE!

Anyway, I've been reading a lot on Moviepilot about the Civil War movie and everyone's opinion. So, I thought I would step out of the shadows and give my full opinion, some questions I have (and I would love to hear what your opinions are), but also what I think will actually end up happening no matter if I like it or hate it. I plan to use information from those articles I've read and also some of the comments I've read because some of the comments were just great! So, lets get started and figure out The Honest Truth about the Civil War movie.

What I think they SHOULD do!

Infinity Gauntlet coming to Avengers 3?
Infinity Gauntlet coming to Avengers 3?

Many people in the comment sections of the articles I read were just filled with Infinity Gauntlet comments. And I agree with them, they should totally not worry about the Civil War right now. It just doesn't make since to me that they would introduce three gems and then just stop everything and focus on the Civil War.

Some Moviepilot writers are even saying that the Infinity Gauntlet story line will take place in space and the Civil War will take place on Earth. That's way better than just throwing away the whole Infinity Gauntlet story line. I actually wouldn't mind that at all, but it just wouldn't make full since to me.

An example of how it doesn't make since is that at the San Diego Comic Con 2014, in the Avengers: Age of Ultron panel, Josh Brolin (Thanos) came out literally wearing the Infinity Gauntlet asking for his rose. It's not just he appeared, RDJ said "We have Thanos," making it seem like not only was he appearing in a movie (Guardians of the Galaxy), but also I feel, signals that Thanos will be appearing in a movie with that cast, which is Avengers 3.

So, in my full on personal opinion, Marvel is going to do little minor things to signal the Civil War movie, but it will not be Avengers 3. They are saving that for the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy to team up to take down Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet. It just makes the most sense to me! But, hey, that is what I'm thinking and hoping for!

What I think they WILL do!

Civil War: coming to the MCU!
Civil War: coming to the MCU!

It's sad to say, but it looks like we are getting that Civil War. It's not 100%, but most fingers are pointing to it. I just cross my fingers that if they are 100% doing the Civil War, they go ahead and also do the Infinity Gauntlet story with the [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073).

But, all the evidence is there. They are refreshing the Civil War story line, RDJ is going to be in Captain America 3 and so on. The Civil War story is actually one of my favorite stories of all time, but it's just too damn early for it! They need to focus on the Infinity story, but you know what, I'm sure Marvel knows what they're doing. But, it looks like we are getting that Civil War movie, but also things could change. In the end, it is looking like we are getting that Civil War movie for Avengers 3.

Some questions if they do the Civil War!

Spider Thor!
Spider Thor!

Some questions I saw in the comments of posts and some of my own personal questions. I would like to hear what your guys answers are also, so comment below!

What are they doing about the Spider?

We all know about the negotiations between Marvel and Sony and how they are trying to squeeze Andrew Garfield in there. In my opinion leave Spider-Man out of this because I'm curious what Sony does with him. But, if you are doing the Civil War, Spider-Man is one of the most important characters out there. He even revealed his identity to the world, which I don't see Sony ever agreeing on that because if Sony is going on with there Sinister Six and Venom, Spider-Man's identity needs to be a secret still or Peter Parker will be totally killed in his sleep!

If Marvel does not work out a deal with Sony, then Spider-Man could be replaced with [Black Panther](movie:9047), since he is yet to be introduced and actually wears a mask. But, for the Civil War to happen, they need to figure out what they are doing about that spider!

What do you think?

What about Thor?

Thor should NOT be in the Civil War movie. Hold on, hold on hear me out. In the Civil War comic, Thor is actually not in it. He is presumed dead, so Tony Stark, Hank Pym, and Reed Richards (which would have to be replaced) work together to make a clone of Thor using a piece of his hair. The clone Thor (called Ragnarok) is so powerful, it kills Goliath and creates loads of chaos.

Now not only would not putting Thor in the Civil War be faithful to the comics, but we could twist it a little. Instead of Thor presumed dead, how about we have him in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, fighting against Thanos. Why do I say this? Well Thor is greatly associated with the Infinity Gems/Stones. His home of Asgard is the home of the Tesseract (that blue cube) and the Infinity Gauntlet Glove (the easter egg in Thor). Also, Thor was closely involved with the Ether (another infinity gem) in Thor: The Dark World. So, we could have Thanos break into Asgard, create chaos, and cause Thor to leave Earth just when the Civil War is about to happen to help his home and join up with the Guardians to take down Thanos. This could create the factor of not having Thor in the Civil War and lead Tony Stark to make Ragnarok and cause the death of a superhero.

That is just my suggestion, so don't go all hateful because it's just a suggestion.

What is going on with Iron Man being in [Captain America 3](movie:994409)?

Since the recent announcement of Robert Downey Jr. being in Captain America 3, buzz has been going around about why he is going to be in the new Cap movie. If they are doing what I think they are, Iron Man will be in there to start conflict and introduce the Superhero Registration Act. Or it could be that RDJ is going to help Captain America fight his foe, and attend his funeral. I'm sure that is not the right one since all the fingers are pointing to the Civil War, but I didn't think it was a terrible idea at all.

But, it's leaning towards Iron Man being there to stir up trouble with Captain America.

Just like this!
Just like this!

Do you agree with me? Do you disagree with me? Are you sick of all this talk about Civil War (to be honest I am a little, I just wrote this to get things off my chest and get my ideas out there)? Well tell me in the comments below, take them polls, and follow me for more CRAVE articles and maybe even more The Honest Truth post, who knows! Thank you for reading and tomorrow I will be posting: The Thor Characters we CRAVE!


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